How to get ready for Valheim Mistlands - Best gear and items

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With the release of the Mistlands update rapidly approaching, and the beta now live, it’s more important than ever to make sure that you’re prepared for it. This new Valheim biome won't only have new enemies to fight, but also newly generated dungeons to explore and even a magic system. So, how should you get ready for Valheim Mistlands and what is the best gear? From the best weapons down to the best food combinations to ensure that you’re as best stocked as you can be for your upcoming adventure, we have the tips you need.

It’s also worth noting that this new Mistlands update will be incredibly difficult. While the rest of the Valheim content isn’t exactly a breeze either, this area is intended to be for late-game players. It’s recommended you attempt to explore the Mistlands only if you have not only passed all of the other biomes and bosses in Valheim, but completely mastered them. This will not be a place for the faint-hearted.


For more help on the Valheim Mistlands update, we also have tips on how to beat The Queen boss.

Best gear and items for Valheim Mistlands

Below, we'll run you through all of the gear you should grab to get ready for the Valheim Mistlands content.

Best Weapons

The Stagbreaker

A person standing beside a lake, carrying a great club with deer antlers on

Items Needed: 20x Core Wood, 5x Deer Trophy, 2x Leather Scraps


Crafting Difficulty: Easy

Defeating the game's first boss, Eikthyr, is important for two reasons. First of all, it lets you unlock the Pickaxe, which is used to mine for ores to smelt metal. Second of all, it unlocks the first two-handed club of the game, the Stagbreaker.

It’s powerful, but slow, and has a small AoE attack. The materials needed for this are easy to obtain, making it a very wise choice for anyone who doesn’t want to risk losing a valuable weapon while exploring.

The Draugr Fang

A bright, glowing blue bow

Items Needed: 10x Ancient Bark, 20x Silver, 2x Deer Hide, 10x Guck

Crafting Difficulty: Hard

Although the Huntsman Bow will likely carry you for the majority of the game, it is well worth upgrading to the Draugr Fang as soon as you unlock it. It deals the most damage out of any bow in the game, and even adds poison damage to the arrows.

While you might be tempted to use Frost and Poison arrows with this bow for their added damage over time, the Silver arrows are the strongest for initial damage.

The Frostner

A guy standing in the woods with armour, carrying a hammer

Items Needed: 10x Ancient Bark, 30x Silver, 5x Ymir Flesh, 5x Freeze Gland

Crafting Difficulty: Hard


The combination of Spirit and Frost damage imbued in this club makes the Frostner club a great contender for one of the best weapons in the game. Not only does it hit heavy with up to 240 attack, but it also uses the elements to either freeze enemies so they can’t move, or burn them up with spirit fire which is particularly effective against the undead.

However, you will need to find Haldor the Trader in order to purchase Ymir Flesh to be able to make this. He will spawn in a random Black Forest biome away from spawn and will sell you other useful things such as a fishing rod!

The Porcupine

A guy with a wolf fur cloak on, holding a very spikey mace in the woods

Items Needed: 5x Fine Wood, 20x Iron, 5x Needle, 10x Linen Thread

Crafting Difficulty: Easy-Medium

While often compared to the Frostner, the Porcupine club will deal both blunt and pierce damage, making it highly effective against almost all the monsters in the game. While it may deal slightly less damage per swing than the Frostner, it is very cheap to make and upgrade to the max level.


Blackmetal Knife

Items Needed: 4x Fine Wood, 10x Black Metal, 5x Linen Thread

Crafting Difficulty: Hard

It’s worth mentioning that Blackmetal weapons are currently the most advanced weapons in the game. You can only access them once you’ve defeated the fourth boss, Moder, and are able to kill the Fulings in the Plains biome. However, once you can reliably grind out these enemies to collect their drops, the progression to Blackmetal is quick and worth doing.

Silver Sword


Items Needed: 2x Wood, 40x Silver, 3x Leather Scraps, 5x Iron

Crafting Difficulty: Medium

The Silver Sword deals some of the highest damage in the game, although it will require a large amount of metal in order to craft it. The materials needed are available mid-game, once you’ve defeated the third boss and can access the mountains. While some players prefer the Blackmetal Sword, as it’s easier to obtain the items needed to craft it, it’s worth having the Silver Sword available for bosses and difficult areas.

Best Armour in Valheim

Padded Armour Set

Items Needed:

  • Padded Helmet: 10x Iron, 15x Linen Thread
  • Padded Cuirass: 10x Iron, 20x Linen Thread
  • Padded Greaves: 10x Iron, 20x Linen Thread
  • Wolf Fur Cape: 4x Silver, 6x Wolf Pelt, 1x Wolf Trophy

Crafting Difficulty: Easy

The Padded Armour is the best armour available in Valheim. It offers the highest protection from damage and even looks good on your player. The only part that makes it difficult to assemble this armour is the Spinning Wheel, which is only available after defeating Moder.

While the Padded Armour set offers a linen cape that you can choose the colour of, it’s recommended you run this armour set with the Wolf Fur Cape, as this will give you added resistance to freezing temperatures.

Best Food in Valheim

In order for any kind of journey to be successful in Valheim, whether it's mining, hunting or simply exploring, having enough food provisions on your character is of the utmost importance.

While there are many recipes in the game that each offer something different, these are the most effective when it comes to health and stamina regeneration.


Best Potions in Valheim

There are two steps to brewing potions in Valheim. First, you need to create a base brew in the cauldron by mixing the ingredients listed, then you need to place this into a fermenter.

If you want some more help on how to make the best armour in the game, check out our guide on it here. Alternatively, if you want to go on the offensive and mine resources in order to make the best weapons, we have a guide on Black Metal too.