Valheim Frostner Hammer: How To Craft the Frostner Weapon and Upgrade It

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Valheim has a variety of weapons to choose from, many of which can be crafted using simple materials, others require some special resources! The Frostner is a hammer which is one of the best weapons to choose from later into the game, though it's not an easy item to craft and will take some players a while to gather together stuff for its recipe. Keep reading to find out how to make your very own Frostner and how to upgrade it.

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How To Craft the Frostner Weapon

Ancient Bark is one of the easier materials to gather, head to the swamp biome and cut down some Ancient Trees, they will drop bark. Silver can be mined in the Mountain biome but be sure you're prepared for the harsh weather! Ymir Flesh can only be purchased from Haldor the trader, read more on him here. Lastly, you'll need Freeze Glands, these are what give the Frostner its unique properties.

Once you have all the items above, go to your Forge, bearing in mind it must be level 3 or higher and follow this recipe:

  • 10x Ancient Bark 
  • 30x Silver
  • 5x Ymir Flesh
  • 5x Freeze Gland

Upgrading the Frostner Weapon

Below we've put together a table of the changes to the Frosner with each upgrade as well as the resources needed for it:

Quality Recipe Durability Blunt Frost Spirit Parry Forge Level
110x Ancient Bark  30x Silver 5x Ymir Flesh 5x Freeze Gland200354020303
215x Silver250354620354
330x Silver300355220405
445x Silver350355820456

Now you've got a strong weapon, you may want to upgrade to some better armour and be sure to get yourself a ranged weapon just as powerful as the Frostner, maybe a Draugr Fang Bow?