Valheim Porcupine: How To Craft The Porcupine Weapon

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If the regular weapons in Valheim just arent cutting it, maybe it's time to get something new. The Porcupine is a godly weapon capable of dealing major amounts of damage, despite its name, no porcupines were harmed in the making. Below you can find out how to get one of your own!

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How To Craft The Porcupine Weapon

The Porcupine is one of the most powerful weapons in Valheim, that said, you'll need a lot of resources to get one. You'll need to have defeated the Elder, read more on that here, to get access to the Crypts in the swamp. Here you can mine Scrap Iron which will be turned in Iron Bars using a Smelter, collect at least 20 Scrap Iron.

Next, you'll need to head to the Plains biome by boat, bear in mind this is a dangerous place and you need to be prepared. Once there, look for some Deathsquitos, they can be found in Fuling Villages. Kill them and collect 5 Needles, which they will drop. You'll also need to collect some Flax from the village which can be turned into Linen Thread using a Spinning Wheel.

Once you have all the items above, grab yourself some Fine Wood and follow the recipe below using a level 4 Forge:

  • 5x Fine Wood 
  • 20x Iron
  • 5x Needle
  • 10x Linen Thread

Now that you've got a powerful weapon, how about some better armour? Be sure to get a ranged weapon just as strong as the Porcupine, what about the Draugr Fang Bow?

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