Best survivor strategy in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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Ana hiding behind a car in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Unhooking yourself from Leatherface's holding pen is just one part of your multifaceted survivor strategy in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. It’s going to take a lot of stealth, a fair amount of knowledge, and a dash of luck to get out alive; but all of that is easily achieved, right?

Surprisingly, yes. While there is no “one size fits all” strategy to escape in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, there are things you can do to drastically increase your odds. You might be physically weaker than your assailants, but they made the mistake of letting you live in the first place. In this guide, we are going to help you get out with nary a scratch on your already tattered back.

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Leatherface killing Connie in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Take note of the killers in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

There are only three killers in any one match, and as you may have noticed, there are more than three killers available to choose from when you play as the Family. The true first step to winning any game of Texas Chain Saw Massacre happens in the lobby, and you want to use this time to remember who you are going up against.

Every killer is different. They have different stats, but more importantly, they have different abilities and even roles. You will always be up against Leatherface, so you know a barreling hulk of flesh and barbs is heading your way no matter what. If you're up against Sissy, be aware she can follow you through shortcuts and poison key items. Other characters can lay traps and more.

If you know who you are fighting, then you are better prepared to avoid the shenanigans they bring to the table. If you zoned out during the lobby (shame on you), then hitting TAB will bring up the scoreboard which lets you know who is in the game.

Connie using the car battery in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Learn each map in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Wandering around like a lost puppy in a corpse-filled murder dungeon will get you killed. Heck, it will get you killed fast since Leatherface is gunning for you right from the get-go. Every map in Texas Chain Saw Massacre is large and covered intertwining paths, and confusing architecture. Getting lost is a certainty early on, but it’s not an excuse to remain in the dark.

Your first priority should be to learn every map in the game. There are only three, so it’s not too difficult to absorb them into your memory banks. Once you learn the maps, you will know where all the shortcuts are, how to find each key item, and even where all the generators are. This way you can move with purpose and find your way out without the unknown bearing down on you like a crocodile's gaping maw.

Connie scavenging in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Know your strengths in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Just as every killer is unique, every survivor is equally as unique. They have their own attributes, perks, and abilities, which pushes them towards different methods of play. It also drastically changes how they want to get out in some cases. Connie is the most obvious example here as she can quickly escape using her powerful ‘Focused’ ability.

Knowing who you are and what your character can do is vital to your success. Heck, knowing who your allies are is almost as important. For example, Leland is the strongest of the bunch and can use his ability to incapacitate a killer for a short period. If Leland is nearby, you know you can play a bit riskier, since he can always intervene and save the day.

The survivors may be battered and bruised, but they are far from helpless.

Sonny looking for tools in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Communicate with your fellow survivors in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

With every survivor embodying a different strength, excelling at a different facet of the game, it’s important to relay information to each other so you can better utilise everyone’s unique quirk. The game even spawns you in a room with one other person to try and encourage communication and jolly cooperation.

From a purely mechanical perspective, this lets each person in a group focus on a different element of escape. Maybe you want one person to carry around some bones to cut down traps. Connie loves a good lockpick, so if she is around you don’t need to carry one at all. Sonny is an excellent scout, so you want him out of sight and using his enhanced senses to catch sight of killers earlier.

Outside of raw mechanics, you can also relay important information. Every location is marked on your HUD, so if you are about to crack the generator and open up the eastern exit, letting your allies know the coast is clear will help them get out. If you know Johnny has made a detour into the house, everyone can know there is one less killer patrolling the outskirts. Always be communicating.

Connie climbing in to a well in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Use wells in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

One of the lesser-used mechanics in Texas Chain Saw Massacre is the wells that are scattered around the place. These are your last line of defence when being hunted. Wells more or less reset your progress as you will be sent back to the basement. However, since killers can’t follow you down, you get a free pass to try and escape again.

This has a number of very powerful benefits, the most obvious being the continued beating of your heart. Apart from that, the basement also contains valuable items like bones and lockpicks, letting you restock and head out prepared. This aspect is so good you might just jump down a well for this very reason.

Finally, there is an exit in the well locked by a fusebox. If you find a fuse up top you can bypass all that sneaking by leaping into a well and making your way out. Most killers don’t patrol the basement past the early game, so this can be a sneaky way of avoiding them for the entire game.

Connie hiding behind a wall in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Don’t be afraid to hide in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Stealth is a key aspect of the survivor's game plan. Hiding behind corners, furniture and even tall grass will do you well in the long run. Getting spotted can make all of those hiding places moot. In these instances, you might want to book it for a dedicated hiding spot. These are usually bins or freezers, and climbing into them makes it look like you’ve vanished without a trace.

Do note that killers can open up these hiding spots, and if they do, you are in a bit of trouble. The thing is, if you are struggling to shake a killer, taking the risk can save your life. If they don’t see you go into a hiding spot, or they overlook it during their adrenaline-fuelled hunt, you might be able to get away with it.

Ana running away from Johnny in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Don’t be afraid to make noise in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Texas Chain Saw Massacre will batter you over the head repeatedly with the concept of being quiet. This is for good reason: being quiet is a good thing. That doesn’t mean silence is always the way to go. In fact, making noise so you can get through an obstacle faster can sometimes be a good thing.

If you are confident the killers are not nearby, then making a racket and moving on before anyone can react doesn’t harm your chances of success. By the time they investigate, you will be long gone and you’ve gotten the thing you wanted.

If you want to get tricky, you can even use this to draw the killer to one side of the map. Make them think you are going one way, but in reality, you’ve doubled back and are making a runner for the opposite exit. The killers can hear you, but they can’t read your mind. Inject a bit of cunning into your play.

Leatherface stalking the house in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Disable Grandpa if you get the chance in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

One aspect of the game that is often overlooked as a survivor is Grandpa. This guy is a pain in the bottom as he loves to send out a motion-detecting scream that alerts everyone to your position. As the game goes on, his powers only grow, and this makes him one of the biggest threats in the game.

Well, as a survivor, you can slap him around a bit and disable him. This not only puts his abilities on a cooldown, but also reduces his level. It’s one of the riskiest things you can do as a survivor, but going out of your way to silence Grandpa temporarily can help your team get out.


Not only that, because the killers know you’ve just attacked their Grandpa, they tend to flock to the house. This frees up every other survivor as they are no longer the target. Providing you can hide and escape detection, you’ve secured a bit of breathing room for your entire team.

We recommend going after Grandpa immediately after he uses his scream. This is the safest time to approach as it is unlikely killers are going to have enough blood to trigger another scream for a while.

That’s all we have on survivor strategies for Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Check to see if your PC can run the game with our system requirements guide. If you are planning on using a Steam Deck, check out our recommend settings.

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