Texas Chain Saw Massacre survivor tier list - All victims ranked

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The opening image of The Texas Chain Saw massacre, showing the game title and a farm in the distance.
Credit: Gun Interactive (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

For bloodthirsty slasher fans, Texas Chain Saw Massacre charges into PCs and consoles thanks to the work of developers Gun Interactive. With five victim characters to choose from from the launch of the game, we compare their abilities and skills in our Texas Chain Massacre survivor tier list.

In a unique asymmetrical experience, players will form teams as three members of the Slaughter family as they hunt down four members of the survivor roster. The game features a multitude of obstacles and challenges for both teams across several locations within Texas.

Take a look at all you need to know about choosing characters in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. We've also got some general Texas Chain Saw Massacre tips to help you win matches.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre survivor tier list - All victims ranked

Ranking Character
SAna, Julie
ALeland, Connie

B tier Texas Chain Saw Massacre victims

Let's start with the worst performing survivors in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, based on what we've seen so far.


The intellectual of the group, Sonny makes up for his lack of size with his superior brain power. This victim is the best of the bunch at identifying the location of his assailants on account of his unique ability Heightened Sense. With this perk, Sonny can detect noise and trace the location of the sound, which can help you to develop a better strategy for escape.

With stealth being the key to survival in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Sonny is a solid option by keeping you a step ahead of the relentless Sawyer family. However, he lacks the physical abilities that other characters use to their advantage in a bid to escape.

Ana's victim card in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
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Credit: Gun Interactive (Texas Chain Saw Massacre)
Ana Flores went from finding her sister to fighting for survival.

A tier Texas Chain Saw Massacre victims

These survivors will give you an even better chance at overcoming the odds:


With his wrestling background, Leland relies on his raw power to get himself and his fellow victims out of sticky situations. He is fearless to a fault and is not afraid to put himself in harm's way if he thinks it will give the victims a chance at escape.

Leland does not hesitate to put himself directly in the firing line when coming toe-to-toe with any members of the murderous Family. With his Life Saver ability, Leland will charge at a killer, stunning them, which is an effective method of interrupting an otherwise fatal sequence of events.


Spending her life growing up on a farm, Connie is tougher and far more resourceful than she appears. While she may not be the strongest member of the victim cast, she is precise and deliberate in everything she does.

Connie is handy with tools and is incredibly efficient with them, evident in her unique trait Focused Ability, which allows her to pick locks without consuming the unlock tool, at the cost of some stamina.

S tier Texas Chain Saw Massacre victims

Finally, the best survivors to get the job done in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.


The sporty Julie relies on her athletic abilities and strength to avoid the advances of the Family. The fittest of the playable victims in the game, she can be relied upon for her stamina and ability to run at great speeds to avoid tragedy.

Julie's special ability, Ultimate Escape, makes her simultaneously invisible and boosts her stamina significantly. While this is active, the Family won't be able to track her, while sprinting will incur a significantly lower cost to her stamina level.



The natural leader of the group, Ana is the fearless younger sister of Maria Flores, the missing woman who begins the storyline of the game. After growing weary of law enforcement failing to locate her sibling, Ana decides to take matters into her own hands.

Ana has a very useful ability called Pain Is Nothing, which places her among the best options in our survivor tier list. The skill significantly reduces the damage inflicted on her when performing potentially harmful actions such as jumping out of windows or being attacked by the Family. The ability also makes her temporarily immune to poison, an invaluable trait when coming up against Sissy or any items she has contaminated.

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