Best Ana build in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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Ana hiding in texas chain saw massacre

As far as survivors go, none are quite as tough as Ana in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. She may have a small frame, but her fiery demeanour and fierce determination make her a force to be reckoned with. The killers might hold all the cards, but Ana has more than a few aces up her sleeve.

Ana is one of the most forgiving characters to play in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. She’s a complete package, capable of filling many roles whilst also being completely immovable on the defensive. It takes more than a chainsaw to take her down, and in this guide, we are going to walk you through how to play her effectively.

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Anna running from hitchhiker in texas chain saw massacre
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Overview of Ana in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Ana is the leader of the group and binds them together with her unshakeable resolve. Her willpower and dogged determination to escape allow her to take more punishment than anyone else whilst also having the physical chops to do more manual work. In a game filled with specialists, Ana feels more like the flex slot; someone who can fit into any team and help plug the gaps.

All of this makes Ana very safe to play. She can complete any task she sets her mind to, and if she gets caught, she can take far more punishment than her comrades. Progressing as Ana is also very straightforward as she can be moulded to suit your style of play without any fuss. She’s not flashy like Connie, but she gets the job done.

Ana customisation screen in texas chain saw massacre
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Ana’s attributes in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Ana’s attributes fall, at a bare minimum, in the ‘about-average’ zone, and shoot up to being best in class at the upper end of her scale. Starting with toughness, Ana rocks in at a whopping 35. This makes Ana the toughest survivor in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This lets her take more damage and recover faster than anyone else from the get-go.

This is complemented by a solid endurance stat of 25 and a strength of 30. 25 is right on average and dictates how much stamina she has in addition to how quickly it recovers. Strength on the other hand lets her break generators and uncover shortcuts more effectively. This makes her quite the physical powerhouse.

On the lower end of her stats we have proficiency and stealth, both of which sit at 20. This is just about average in the grand scheme. This does mean she can struggle with more dexterous tasks such as picking locks and staying hidden, but they are far from bad and can be easily fixed with minimal investment.

Ana is the perfect foundation character; someone capable of growing in every direction and finding success in all of them.

Ana hiding behind a car in texas chain saw massacre
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Ana’s unique ability in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Abilities in Texas Chain Saw Massacre define a character, and Ana is no exception to that rule. Her ability is called Pain Is Nothing, and it is very handy in a pinch.

While active, significantly reduces damage taken from attacks and falls, while also gaining immunity to the effects of poison.

Ana is already the tank of the team, and this ability enhances that natural talent even further. Ana is very hard to kill when this ability is active, and due to its secondary effect of making her immune to poison, she is a hard counter to Sissy. The only killer who can keep Ana down is Leatherface and his brutal chainsaw. Most other killers will start to tire before Ana goes down.

The only negative to this ability is that with proper play, you probably won’t use this. Being detected isn’t ideal in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, so while Pain Is Nothing is a great ‘get out of jail free’ ability, it will often sit unused. This can functionally leave Ana without an ability.

Not only that, Ana’s ability is purely a buff for her. This makes it worthless in a team situation, which in turn, makes Ana a little less useful overall.

Leatherface hunting survivors in texas chain saw massacre
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Attribute progression for Ana in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Ana is very easy to level up as her stats are already pretty great. You can go in any direction and find success, but we would recommend avoiding increasing her toughness at first. This may seem counterintuitive when you consider her entire schtick is being a tank, but she has more than enough in the stat at level 0, and her ability is always there as a fallback.

Instead, we recommend focusing on her endurance, strength, and proficiency in any order you wish. More endurance will help her escape when she’s caught. Strength will allow her to do more physical jobs. Proficiency increases her aptitude with dexterity. Of the three, we found that pumping proficiency first rounded Ana out nicely. Taking it to 30-35 before increasing your other stats made Ana easy to play and effective at all stages of the game.

Ana's perk screen in texas chain saw massacre
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Best early game perks for Ana in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Ana’s perks aren’t the best, as they lean towards toughness and strength more than anything else. This does limit what you can do with Ana in terms of directing her passives, but there is still enough here to work with.

With Ana, we recommend going ‘right’ on the skill tree. This leads to some of her better perks, and we have selected some of her best to look out for.

Remember, all perks become more powerful as you use them. Stick with the same perks, and you will grow in strength far faster.

Must Have Been The Wind

Must Have Been The Wind allows Ana to open grates and search for items without making noise. It has a charge system, so you can’t spam noisy actions, but it can be used to get a headstart in the game, or to quickly nab an item later on. Not only that, this ability perfectly fits with Ana’s high base strength.

Sanguine Shadow

Ana is all about staying alive at her core, and Sanguine Shadow lets her stay alive for even longer. When hiding, Ana will slowly recover HP, with the amount healed and to what amount increasing drastically as this perk levels up. When at max, Sanguine Shadow can see Ana healing to 60% of her HP rather quickly.

If you want even more survivability, you can’t go wrong with this perk.


Stunt Double

Since Ana has high toughness, she is more able to perform riskier actions like jumping down wells. Stunt Double plays into this by further reducing the damage taken from these actions. This opens up Ana’s map mobility nicely, which in turn lets her make use of her other perks like Sanguine Shadow.

What Doesn’t Kill You

What Doesn’t Kill You turns Ana into a near-unkillable monster. When hit with a melee attack, if you can avoid damage for 15 seconds, you will heal a percentage of that damage back. At max level, you heal 100% of the damage back. This is ludicrous if you can get the slip on your attacker, and can make Ana functionally unkillable at times.

This also frees up an inventory slot as Ana will no longer need healing items. Her ability and this perk should sustain her for most of the game. Sanguine Shadow is a natural combo to this ability to boot.

That’s all we have for Ana in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. To help you navigate the game, check out our guide covering all maps. You can also have a gander at our tips and tricks for surviving as the survivors.

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