How to use generators in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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Hiding from Johnny behind a wrecked car in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The generators in Texas Chain Saw Massacre highlight one of the game’s greatest strengths: its constant intermingling of survivor and killer mechanics. Like so many other things, generators are not only used by both parties, but they are integral to their respective success. Knowing how they work, and more importantly, how to use them effectively, can be the difference between success and failure; life and death.

This guide is going to break down how to find generators, how they work, and how you can use them to secure victory. Of course, this is only one of many ways to win in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, but it’s likely the one you will stumble across early and then swiftly take a beating as the game didn’t effectively relay the mechanic to you.

To help improve your play, check out our tips and trick guide for Texas Chain Saw Massacre. You can also take a gander at our survivor and killer tier lists so you can get a leg up on the competition.

Ana hiding behind a car in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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What are generators in Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

You may have noticed that the property you are patrolling/escaping is littered with obstacles. These obstacles range from dangling bones to locked doors. The closer you get to the boundaries of the map, however, the more likely you are to stumble across electrified cattle grids.

Unsurprisingly, walking into these things will result in your getting quite the jolt. These cattle grids are powered by the aforementioned generators. As killers, you can turn on the generator at the start of a game, and should it ever be turned off, it’s up to you to pop it back on. As survivors, you will want to turn this off to secure an exit for your team.

Julie hiding behind a car in texas chain saw massacre
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How to find generators in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Generators, like most things in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, are cobbled together from a mixture of spare parts, junk, hopes, and even some dreams. Finding them can be difficult if you don’t know what to look out for.

Generators are found inside broken cars. They are basically souped-up car batteries. To locate them, head to the cattle grid you want to exit from and look for a yellow wire. Follow this wire and you will be led directly to the generator. From here, you are free to turn it off or on based on your current disposition.

Learning each map will help you find generators without having to gaze at the floor. You can expedite this process by taking a peek at all the maps in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Leatherface patrolling property in texas chain saw massacre
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How to use generators as killers in Texas Chan Saw Massacre

Generators act as the final line of defence for a thinly-spread team of killers in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. As long as they are active, you know your victims can’t escape. Well, they can’t escape via that exit. To turn them on, all you have to do is head to the car hooked up to the grid and flip the switch. Once on, it will stay on for the rest of the game provided nobody tampers with it later on.

Once a generator is turned off, however, it will be off until you make your way back to it and turn it back on (there is also a cooldown period). This should be a priority once people start escaping from one of those exits. Remember, one of your main goals as a killer is to secure the property. Heck, it’s the first objective you are given at the start of every match.

Finally, if you have caught wind of survivors in the vicinity of a generator, patrolling the area can dissuade them from trying to escape. This forces them to think of a new exit strategy, giving you more opportunities (and time) to catch them in the act.

Julie breaking generator in texas chain saw massacre
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How to use generators as the survivors in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Generators act as the final hurdle to your daring escapades; the encore to your finely tuned escapology routine. If you want to escape via the big open gate, you are going to have to risk turning these things off. Unlike the vast majority of tasks in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, however, you can’t rush generators.

In most interactions, you can spam an action to complete it quickly at the expense of you making more noise. Generators are immune to this, as you are forced to wait as you mess with the battery. This can take quite some time, and the Family are not going to wait around for you to mess with their stuff.

Finally, you are very exposed when disabling a generator, and you have no control over your camera. This means you can’t see if you are in danger until it’s too late. Not only that but if you are interrupted, you have to start the whole process again.


Thankfully, there are some ways to make this process a smidge easier. Firstly, use a character with high Strength. This stat directly impacts the time it takes to disable a generator, and naturally, this makes your chances of survival far higher. You could also look for Perks that increase your generator-breaking skills for even more flair.

The best way to get around a generator is to communicate with your team. With one other person helping you, things get a lot easier. One of you can run around, make a noise, and generally grab the attention of the killers whilst the other cracks on with the generator. It's a simple but effective way to raise the odds of escape. Just be sure the runner has high stamina and possibly an escape-based ability.

Sonny looking for a lockpick in texas chain saw massacre
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The golden rule for generators in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Our last bit of advice for both parties is to not tunnel vision. As killers, you might never see anyone going for the generators. The reason for this is simple: they are working towards a different escape method. As survivors, trying to push a generator when the killers are defending it ardently is a recipe for disaster. Try to slip away and push a different route. Always remember that generators are one of many paths to victory.

That's it for our look at how to use generators in Texas Chain Saw Massacre! To learn more about the game, read up on whether it's on Game Pass, as well as if the game is crossplay.

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