Is Texas Chain Saw Massacre on Xbox Game Pass?

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A player searching for an unlock tool in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Almost more important than what Texas Chain Saw Massacre is, is whether or not Texas Chain Saw Massacre is available on Xbox Game Pass. Everything else is but a whisper upon a hurricane; a thing drowned out by that one overwhelming, nay, pervading, question. It all falls by the wayside. You must know if you can get this thing downloaded, for free, this very second.

But the wayside is rather interesting, as in Texas Chain Saw Massacre you are either running around trying to escape imminent death, or you are running around trying to bring death imminently. It’s a rather remarkable degree of asymmetry that isn’t exactly new, but the paint is at the very least. There’s nothing quite like bisecting someone with a chainsaw, after all.

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Leland hiding behind a ruined car in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Is Texas Chain Saw Massacre on Xbox Game Pass?

Let’s rip off the bandage; yes, Texas Chain Saw Massacre is available on Xbox Game Pass. Not only that, but the game will be available as a day-one release. But that’s not all, we’ll do you one better; the game is on PC Game Pass too. It's a happy time for everyone, provided you aren’t being tirelessly hunted by a roving band of cannibals, of course.

Sunset in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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What to expect from Texas Chain Saw Massacre

If you want a bit more information about Texas Chain Saw Massacre, then we have you covered there as well. The game is an asymmetrical competitively cooperative survival horror experience set in the world of, well, the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Players take on the role of either a hungry cannibal (such as the iconic Leatherface) or a once-plucky teen looking to escape the cooking pot.


The game is rather brutal with nasty executions and a theme to (quite literally) die for. Success for both parties relies heavily on teamwork, map knowledge, and even a bit of deception. With it being available to play right away, there are a lot of spooks to be had with a lot of people.

That's all we have on Texas Chain Saw Massacre for now. We will be sure to update this guide should it ever leave Game Pass, but for now, have fun. You can also check out our review in progress, alongside all the preload details you'll need.

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