Texas Chain Saw Massacre killer tier list

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Texas Chain Saw Massacre killer tier list
Credit: Gun Interactive
August 18, 2023: The game is finally out now, so brush up on all killers in Texas Chain Saw Massacre here!

Looking forward to get the upper hand in Gun Interactive's TCSM? Then our Texas Chain Saw Massacre killer tier list will certainly help you achieve success.

Explore the distinctive traits and abilities of each killer in the game, which present a variety of challenges for the victims. Our Texas Chain Saw Massacre killer tier list offers valuable comparisons for your consideration, now the game has landed and the servers are live.

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Texas Chain Saw Massacre killer tier list

Ranking Character
ACook, Leatherface, Hitchhiker

B Tier

In our opinion, these are the worst killers in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Avoid them where you can!


One of the new additions to the Sawyer family, Sissy is an unhinged ex-cult member with a knack for creating deadly concoctions to poison her victims. While she lacks the savage instinct to maim her victims like her murderous cohorts, she is nonetheless as deadly as the rest of them.

Sissy's Bane special ability makes use of the unique skills she acquired on her travels to use local plants to create toxic creations. Whether blowing lethal powder in the faces of her victims or contaminating resources throughout the map, Sissy is sneakier and craftier with her kills.

TCSM Killer tier list
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Credit: Gun Interactive (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
The Family is back with a fresh batch of victims to harvest

A Tier

Now, let's go a tier above:


The owner of the gas station from the original 1974 film and the patriarch of the household, the Cook knows the area like the back of his hand. Because of his familiarity with the surroundings, this killer can track down victims at the slightest hint of their presence, right down to the creak of a door.

As the oldest active member of the Family, Cook has the lowest endurance of the group. However, with his special skill Seek, he can focus his hearing until he detects a sound and pinpoints the location of his victims.


Another iconic character from the original film that had horror fans in a frenzy in the 70s, the Hitchhiker is incredibly resourceful in the most twisted of ways. His wiry build also makes him the best option for moving around the map as he can slip into the smaller crawl spaces with ease.

Just as he can craft furniture with human remains, Hitchhiker is also handy at using his grisly resources to craft horrific traps to capture his victims. His Trap ability enables this, binding his victims while alerting him of their presence.


The iconic mass murderer behind the Texas Chain Saw Massacre franchise, Leatherface is naturally the most destructive and brutal member of the family. With his iconic chainsaw in hand, the killer has the ability to cut through victims, doors, and other obstructions with equal ease.

Leatherface has the highest Savagery level among the killers and a very high Endurance, which enables him to continue to use his heavy weapon. The one advantage that victims will have over him is speed, but once backed into a corner they will have little chance at survival.


S Tier


The other new Family member, Johnny uses his strength and blood lust to hunt down his victims with relentless intent. He is a predator in every facet of his being, with the skills to stalk, hunt and pounce on unfortunate prey.

In line with his marauding instincts, Johnny can use his Hunt unique skill to the disadvantage of his targets. When active, he is able to track the movements of victims by their footprints, which enables him to catch up to those who are not aware of his advances. He will find victims with accuracy and speed, which is why he tops our killer tier list.

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