How to choose characters in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

A survivor searching for an unlock tool in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
Credit: Gun Interactive (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

A survivor searching for an unlock tool in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
Credit: Gun Interactive (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Here we will show you where you can pick sides and how to choose characters in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Luckily, players have the opportunity to be on both sides of an iconic slasher battle in the game.

In this unique 3v4 asymmetrical horror experience, players can opt to be a member of the murderous Sawyer Family or one of their soon-to-be victims that are fighting for survival. With five playable characters on each side, you can create some interesting team combinations in a bid to come out on top.

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How to choose the Family or Victim team in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Players have the benefit of being able to dictate whether they are the hunter or the hunted in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This power is offered to you in the Play menu of the game, where you can choose between the Family, Victim, and Quick Match options.

For players looking to utilise the grisly skills of the murderous Sawyer family to hunt down their targets, the Family option is available to ensure that they are assigned to the offensive team in the game. In contrast, if you wish to test your stealth skills and help the victims escape their imprisonment, you can opt for the Victims option and be guaranteed a spot in that side of the game.

If you don't have a preference or wish to be surprised about your role in the next match, the Quick Match option is available. This option will randomly assign you to a team, so you may be a killer or a survivor, depending on the virtual toss of the coin.

The character selection menu in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
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Credit: Gun Interactive (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
Choose your character wisely or suffer the consequences

How to choose a character in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Both the Victims and the Family have five playable characters to choose from, each with their own levels of relevant skills, as well as a unique ability.

For the Victims, four of the five characters will be active in the game, while the fifth falls victim to Leatherface in the opening scene of the round. In contrast, only three of the five killers will be used. It is worth noting that a round cannot commence without the franchise's iconic murderer, Leatherface, being involved in the match.

The process of choosing a character is relatively simple. In the game's lobby before the beginning of a round, you will encounter several menus that you can navigate between while preparing for the match to start. These menus are Teams, Characters, Loadouts, Skill Tree, and Cosmetics.

If you are not satisfied with the character you have been automatically assigned to, you can visit the Characters menu and choose an alternative from the options shown. It is worth noting, however, that a character can only be used once in a round, so if your preferred character has been assigned to another player, you will need to either ask them to switch or choose a different one.

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