Texas Chain Saw Massacre tips and tricks - How to win more games

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The cannibals capturing two killers in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

If you’re looking for some Texas Chain Saw Massacre tips and tricks, we’re here to help. The only difference between it and most other games in its wide and varied genre is only half of you are trying to survive. Those other guys are out for blood, and sadly, depending on where you stand, it could be yours.

Despite having a bunch of cannibals running around with various sharp implements, both sides of the coin can have a hard time coming out on top. This guide is going to lay down some tips you can tip the scales in your favour and rise through the ranks of whichever faction tickles your fancy.

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Leatherface in doorway in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Get a feel for each map

If you want to win in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, you are going to have to learn every map in the game. Going in completely blind will either result in people escaping, or worse, you will find yourself somewhat devoid of life. Neither of these scenarios is ideal.

This shouldn't take too long to do as thankfully, there are only three maps available at launch. Regardless of which faction you are playing, your priority should be on locating exits. Your secondary objective is to figure out where key items are located. Once you have that nailed, the game gets a lot easier.

Ana hiding behind a car in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
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Don't make a sound

If you want to avoid dissection, then sneaking around and limiting your noise output is key. Just about every interaction will force you to choose between going slowly and quietly, or zipping through it and making a racket. For the most part, the former is the best way to be.

Every time you make a noise, the Family will be able to pinpoint your exact location. If they are nearby, death may be in your immediate future. Even if they are too far away to intercept you, they have information on where you were, and what you could be trying to accomplish.

A key thing to remember, however, is sometimes you have to move fast. The closer you are to escape, the less room you have to manoeuvre and the more likely you are to be spotted. You won't always have time to meticulously pick a lock, so always be prepared to break it instead.

Johnny investigate dilapidated farmstead in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
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Look for signs of tampering

As a killer, you may feel like you have a lot of power in this situation. After all, if you see someone running around, the ball is well and truly in your court. The thing is, some people are really sneaky and are more than capable of avoiding obvious detection. Instead of looking for escapees, you should look for any signs of tampering.

By this we mean you should look for open doors and gates, as well as disarmed traps. Maps are quite large in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, picking up on clues as to where they are currently operating shrinks your search area considerably.

Ana running from Johnny in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
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Stick together and communicate

Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a team game. While it is entirely possible that you could win a game entirely by yourself, it is far easier if you lean on your allies. Regardless of which team you are running with, being near splitting the workload between your comrades is the way to go.

As Victims, you might want one person to unlock a gate, another to work on the electrics, and someone else to make noise on the other side of the property as a cunning ruse. As killers, shouting out when you see something suspicious lets everyone know to be on the lookout.

Voice chat is the best way to communicate on the fly, but if that isn't an option, you could always type into chat. Anything is better than nothing.

Poster of Ana in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
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Get to know each character

Every character in Texas Chainsaw Massacre is unique, and finding which character works best for you will take some time. This is time well spent as your preferences in playstyle might not click with every Victim or serial killer. Not only that, but each character also develops differently over time thanks to the Skill Tree and Loadout system.


Once you have dabbled with each character, settling down on one or two per faction will drastically increase your effectiveness in-game. It will also allow you to more effectively engage in the progression system, further enhancing the quality of your play.

Leatherface viewed through a broken door in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
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Stick around and watch

Finally, one of the best ways to get better in Texas Chainsaw Massacre is to watch other people play. Sometimes you get taken out early as a Victim, and your instant reaction will be to leave the lobby. Instead, we highly recommend you stick around and watch your team play.

This will help you learn each map, better habits, and even what to avoid. Not everyone is going to be a master at the game, and witnessing common mistakes can help you avoid them in the future.

There you have it, with these tricks locked away at the back of your mind, you should be able to waltz into your next game with newfound confidence. You can't win every game, but every match is a learning experience worth having. Good hunting (or escaping).

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