Best Leatherface build in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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Leatherface standing outside, viewed through a crack in the door in texas chain saw massacre

There are few things in horror as iconic as Leatherface in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Rocking a tanned human flesh mask, a rather dashing set of clothes, and his titular chainsaw, this guy is as brutal as he is terrifying. Well, if you’re on the receiving end of him. If you are playing as Leatherface, you are in for a good time.

Whilst lacking in the finer areas, Leatherface more than makes up for it in raw power and his ability to chase down a survivor. He is an unstoppable whirlwind of destruction that is perfectly suited to cutting down anyone who dares escape his dungeon. In this guide, we are going to walk you through how to use this monstrous character.

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Leatherface staring down Connie in texas chain saw massacre
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Overview of Leatherface in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Where other characters might focus on speed, deception, traps, or even blood, Leatherface merely scoffs at the notion. No, this guy is all about the kill, which makes sense considering his weapon of choice. Leatherface deals more damage than anyone else, and if you can back someone into a corner, you are going to end them then and there.

Due to Leatherface lacking in just about every other area, your team is going to have to pick up the slack when it comes to managing the estate and even Grandpa. However, since Leatherface always spawns in the basement with the survivors, he is best suited to cutting them down before they ever get a chance to escape.

Naturally, Leatherface’s chainsaw makes it almost impossible to be stealthy. Once it’s revved up, this thing will emit a constant purr that alerts everyone to your presence. Turning it off is an option, but we’d never advise it. Keep it running and scare the pants off of everyone nearby.

Finally, because of his size, Leatherface is not the most agile of characters, making him rather difficult to manoeuvre around the map. However, he can destroy obstacles in his path, making this weakness less of an issue the longer a game goes on.

Leatherface customisation screen in texas chain saw massacre
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Leatherface’s attributes in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

In terms of attributes, Leatherface is heavily tilted towards the hunt. His Savagery stat is monstrously high at 43, dwarfing most of his family. This stat directly impacts his damage, which fits Leatherface perfectly.

This attribute is complemented nicely by his 35 in Endurance. Endurance dictates stamina, which is used for both sprinting and attacking. This is also the highest in the family (by quite a large margin). Once Leatherface spots someone, he is more than capable of chasing them until the end of time. He also has several Perks that really play off his inhuman levels of stamina.

All of this is rounded out by his abysmal Blood Harvesting stat, which rolls in at a meagre 13. This is well below everyone else and makes Leatherface a complete noodle when it comes to feeding Grandpa. He is so bad in fact, we often found ourselves barely contributing on that front - especially later in the round.

Overall, Leatherface’s attributes start out excellent, and only get better over time.

The family attacking the survivors at dusk
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Attribute progression for Leatherface in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

When it comes to bumping up your attributes, we highly recommend maxing out Savagery. Going from 43 to 50 might not sound like much, but in-game, it’s the difference between killing in four hits and killing in three. Not only that, since it’s only seven points of investment, it’s very easy to do and should be your first progression goal.

Once maxed out, you have two options. You can either shore up your weaknesses or further enhance your strengths. In this case, Leatherface is far too good at killing. Directing points elsewhere simply diminishes his potential. We would pump all other points into Endurance next, before finally dipping into Blood Harvesting if you have anything left over.

With maxed-out Savagery and Endurance, Leatherface is an inescapable wall of flesh that just so happens to be covered in razor-sharp saw blades.

Leatherface cutting through a crawlspace in texas chain saw massacre
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Leatherface’s unique ability in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Leatherface comes pre-packaged with the Maim ability. All this means is that he has a chainsaw, and he likes to use it to inflict devastating wounds. Arguably the best part of Maim is its ability to cut through obstacles. Everything from doors to hatches, and even tiny gaps can be permanently destroyed, making it easier for your allies to get around the map.

You might not be the fastest, but speed isn’t needed once you’ve taken away the option to flee.

Leatherface attacking Connie in texas chain saw massacre
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Best early game Perks for Leatherface in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The skill tree in Texas Chain Saw Massacre is rather vast. Not only that, many perks are randomised. This makes a complete build guide impossible since you might not have the same Perks unlocked. However, we can provide an early path for you to take to maximise Leatherface’s efficacy.

Remember, all perks become more powerful as you use them. Stick with the same loadout, and you will be far more powerful than if you jumped around.

Big Swings

This Perk grants a permanent 10% damage increase, however, your attacks cost 300% more stamina. This might sound like a small gain for a huge cost, but trust us, it’s pretty awesome. Leatherface has a lot of Stamina to burn, and his damage is already very high. An extra 10% is far more substantial on Leatherface than anyone else. The more damage you do, the less likely they are to escape.



Vial-ent is interesting because it grants a 10% damage increase, but it comes with a condition: you must have a full vial of blood. With Vial-ent you never want to feed Grandpa, but since you are Leatherface, you don’t want to do that anyway. Once you have your vial filled, you will reap the rewards.

Master Key

Locked doors are a pain to deal with, and whilst Leatherface can use his chainsaw to cut through them, it’s far quicker if you have Master Key. This lets you burst through a door instantly, allowing you to catch survivors off guard. Leatherface is not the most mobile of characters, so increasing that in any way helps him do what he does best: kill everything.

That’s all we have for Leatherface in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Be sure to check out our tips on how to play as the killers if you want some more advice. You can also look at our guide on how to use generators to ensure those pesky survivors never get a chance to escape.

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