Is Texas Chain Saw Massacre single-player?

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Leatherface about to kill a survivor in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

The question on everyone's lips is whether you can play solo in Texas Chain Saw Massacre? Well, competitive asymmetry is what drives Texas Chain Saw Massacre forward. The ever-present dread as you cower from blood-thirsty cannibals juxtaposed with the bone-crunching thrill of snuffing out the last vestiges of hope from a fleeing meal is as aromatic as fear itself. These are all traits found in multiplayer experiences.

Of course, the presence of a multiplayer component doesn’t automatically render a single-player experience moot. Plenty of games offer a variety of modes to dabble in, which ultimately brings us to the crux of the matter; the core of this guide. Is there a way to play Texas Chain Saw Massacre in a single-player setting?

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Ana hiding behind a car in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Does Texas Chain Saw Massacre have a single-player mode?

Sadly, as of writing, no. There is currently no single-player component in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Not only that, there has been no confirmation that there ever will be. The game is multiplayer only, and that is not going to change any time soon.

Not only that, Texas Chain Saw Massacre has no way to play solo in any capacity. There is no way to explore the maps freely, mess around with characters in a safe setting, or even practice against bots. If you are playing Texas Chain Saw Massacre, you are playing online and that’s it.

Ana running from Johnny in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Are there private lobbies in Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

Unlike most games on the market, Texas Chain Saw Massacre won’t even let you make a private lobby without having some friends join you first. This is the final nail in the coffin when it comes to playing the game on your own. You simply can’t.

In fact, the game is so strict on its player count that any matchmade lobbies will automatically disconnect if the game can’t find exactly seven players. This is not only detrimental to any solo dreams you may have, but makes multiplayer itself a bit of a hassle from time to time.


That’s all we have on Texas Chain Saw Massacre and its single-player capabilities. We will update this guide as and when more information is released on any future updates.

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