Is Texas Chain Saw Massacre crossplay?

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A survivor hiding from Leatherface in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Is Texas Chain Saw Massacre crossplay? The highly anticipated video game adaptation of the cult horror franchise, Texas Chain Saw Massacre, is finally here, poised to immerse fans in the eerie and unsettling world first introduced in the 1974 film.

With the game out now, this guide will take a look at whether you can dive into Texas Chain Saw Massacre with crossplay enabled. If so, you can take down survivors as the array of killers with your friends on other platforms.

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Is Texas Chain Saw Massacre crossplay?

Without further ado, let's unveil the truth: yes, Texas Chain Saw Massacre will indeed offer crossplay capabilities, but there's an unexpected twist that we'll delve into shortly.

To put it simply, imagine you're the lucky owner of a PS5, and you have a friend who relies on their PC for gaming. Both of you are eager to embark on a gaming session together. With Texas Chain Saw Massacre, you can seamlessly join forces and indulge in thrilling gameplay with your friends. Similarly, Xbox X|S users can unite with PlayStation 5 console players, and the reverse holds true as well.

The game's crossplay feature breaks down barriers and lets you experience the horror-filled world of Texas Chain Saw Massacre alongside your friends, no matter the platform they choose.

Sadly, for those who own last-generation consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, here comes the unfortunate news. Texas Chain Saw Massacre will not extend its cross-platform compatibility to older-generation systems.

In essence, Xbox One users will find themselves restricted to playing solely with fellow Xbox One owners, while PlayStation 4 users will have the opportunity to team up exclusively with other PlayStation 4 users.

A barn in the sunlight in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
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Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Does it have cross-progression?

Once again we have to break your heart, especially if you love to switch between devices, because there is no cross-platform progression support at the time of writing. Fundamentally, you need to stick to the platform in order to maintain your in-game progression. You will not be able to continue your game from one platform to another.

So, that's it folks about Texas Chain Saw Massacre crossplay features. You can also also check out our review in progress, alongside all the killer strategy tips you'll need.

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