All Grandpa powers in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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Feeding blood to Grandpa in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Grandpa in Texas Chain Saw Massacre is hungry for blood, and it is up to the players in the Sawyer family to feed him! Let's talk about Grandpa's powers in the game and how to use them to get the upper hand in a match.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a unique 3v4 player vs. player game that pits a team of three killers against four survivors. Survivors are desperate to escape with their lives, while the Family is keen to keep them in house. Each character has unique skills to give them an advantage, but none are more prevalent for the killing team than Grandpa.

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Who is Grandpa in Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

Described by his family as the "best killer there ever was", Grandpa is the now-immobile patriarch of the Sawyer family. Despite his senile state, the old man maintains the same relentless bloodlust he satisfied throughout his ruthless career of killing. The old guy will stop at nothing to help the family carry on his legacy.

Despite not being a playable character in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Grandpa can play a pivotal role in the success of the Family in each match. By feeding the old man, he is able to assist players in locating their victims en route to slaughtering them before they can escape.

The player collecting blood sacks in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Credit: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Harvest as much blood as you can to feed hungry Grandpa!

Grandpa's powers and how to unlock them in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Grandpa picked up a great many skills over the years as a serial murderer, some of which he can still tap into, despite his limited mobility. Grandpa's powers enable him to pinpoint the location of the remaining victims in the game, a skill that only strengthens after being fed more blood.

There are two main sources of blood in Texas Chain Saw Massacre for the team of killers: blood buckets and then, of course, the victims themselves. There are a number of blood buckets strewn throughout the game's map and they frequently replenish, so this is an ideal passive task for you to do while searching for the remaining survivors. For those who catch up to the would-be escapees, attacking the victims will also harvest some of their blood, and killing them will grant you a significant blood bonus.

Grandpa's powers are split into four levels, with each progression increasing the potency of his skills. At its highest level, he can identify a victim's every movement, making it near impossible for them to hide from the clutches of the murderous family. This does, however, require a great deal of blood to be fed to the old man. So victims will have at least some time to escape before this comes into effect.

Sissy's profile in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Credit: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Sissy has the highest harvest rating, meaning she can carry the most blood.

Survivor tips for Grandpa in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Grandpa is an invaluable resource for the Sawyer family, but he is certainly not invincible. For the victims - brave or perhaps foolish enough to come close to the Family patriarch - there are opportunities to incapacitate him and dull the effects of his feeds.

Just as killers can approach Grandpa to feed him, victims can also advance towards him and interact. This then results in them inflicting harm on the old man. This will have a negative impact on the progress the killers have made in levelling Grandpa up, which will buy the surviving team more time to make their escape.


Incapacitating Grandpa is a very risky survivor strategy, so you should exercise extreme caution if you are a victim and making a play at the old man. He has the ability to alert his family when he is in danger, which can turn the gamble of trying to attack him into a costly error, particularly if any of the other family members are nearby. Victims who aren't quick enough to get in, attack Grandpa, and get out without being spotted can very quickly suffer the lethal consequences of their actions.

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