GTA Online Player Finally Completes Arcade Claw Machine Toy Collection

An image of someone using a claw machine.

An image of someone using a claw machine.

The players of GTA Online love collecting things, whether it’s a garage full of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-inspired cars or just enough moolah to be able to buy every item in the game twice.

Now, however, one has taken a break from grinding heists, fighting griefers and attending pool parties to become the master of a frustrating arcade game designed for masochists.

The collection of goodies this newfound talent for claw machines has netted them is the topic of a recent Reddit thread.

A GTA Player Has Mastered the Art of the Claw

The thread concerning this in the GTA Online subreddit began with user JustZypro sharing an image of their hard-earned figure collection and captioning it: “Okay, I needed my account (to be) five days old before I could post, but here you go guys I finally got my collection complete.”

A number of fellow players responded to the post by congratulating JustZypro on the achievement, with user xrstnfox saying: “so jealous! I want that shirt so bad lol but I have the worst luck with that machine” and xrstnfox adding: “What can I say... BEAUTIFUL!”

Others shared stories of claw machine futility, with user RickGrimes30 saying: “I didn't know the claw machine actually worked. I've used it tons of times and never got close to grabbing anything”, to which project199x replied: “Me either, the claw stops in like two seconds.”

A few asked for tips on completing the feat, leading JustZypro to respond: “just keep playing, it took me twelve hours straight to get the last five.”

A number of users weren’t aware that you can display the figures and plushies once you’ve collected them all, with this seeming to be a desirable addition to the Diamond Casino penthouse among would-be completionists.

Meanwhile, one user suggested that they’d put getting the achievement on their busy GTA schedule, saying: “might have to add this as my thing to go for in between getting the 600 gun-running missions. Perhaps just spend 30 minutes at a time.”

So, start planning out your own GTA Online claw machine sessions and make sure to follow us for more updates as new content, possibly starring Michael from single-player, is released.

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