GTA Online Players Bring TMNT to Los Santos Via Free Car

A promo screenshot of GTA Online's Kuruma.
Credit: Image via the GTA Fandom Wiki.

While GTA Online players certainly love a good real-life celebrity, whether it be Danny DeVito or Pete Davidson, they’re also equally also fond of cartoons.

This is especially the case when an opportunity arises to decorate their car collections in line with a film like Cars, or, in this latest case, an animated property with a few more pizzas and nunchucks.

You see, thanks to the armoured Kuruma recently becoming free to GTA residents and offering similar protection to a turtle’s hardy shell, one player on Reddit has decided to bring TMNT to Los Santos.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Saloon Cars Infiltrate GTA Online

This is the topic of a recent thread in the GTA Online subreddit, which began with user ea_yassine posting an image of their garage, which features Kurumas painted to resemble Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo, captioning it with the simple declaration: “Kuruma is free”.

A number of users quickly stepped up to offer TMNT-reference laced replies, with Mean_World_6041 saying: “Kurumas in a half shell…” and TheThemePark adding: “Kuruma Power!”

Meanwhile, user RickGrimes30 shared that they and their friends had done a similar thing before the car became free, saying: “I also have a Michaelangelo Kuruma. My three buddies had the other three. It was awesome doing heists with all of them.”

On the other hand, user Responsible-Drive274 suggested: “now you need a Shredder Kuruma”, though TheArcticKiwi responded to point out a more fitting vehicle, saying: “no no, Shredder Duke of Death.”

User Templar-235 gave their blessing for players to acquire duplicate models of the vehicle in order to emulate ea_yassine’s creation, saying: “this is the only acceptable reason to have more than one armoured Kuruma”.

A few other users look to be planning to do exactly that, with one yelling: “Omg I forgot I could make the turtles” and a_random_muffin adding: “I know what I am going to do with free kurumas now”.

So, practise your martial arts, consult your rat sensei and make sure to follow us for more GTA Online updates as new content, possibly starring Michael from single-player, is released.

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