GTA Online Players Claim to Have Found Pete Davidson in Los Santos

A promo screenshot for GTA Online.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

The GTA universe has its fair share of celebrities, with parodies of real-world figures littering the stories told by each game in the series, from Scottish heavy metal band Love Fist all the way back in Vice City to the litany of glamorous doppelgangers featured in GTA 5’s Vinewood Souvenirs missions.

However, it seems one celebrity figure may have been hiding in the game undetected for years, quietly running a shop and staying out of sight rather than starring in his own DLC.

It’s impossible to stay under the radar forever though and GTA Online’s best detectives have used their unparalleled resources and heist-honed skills to track him down, mainly by driving up to his shop and actually opening their eyes.

GTA Online Players Claim to Have Found Pete Davidson

Posting in the GTA Online subreddit, user OlFattyLumpkin shared their discovery via an image of a Pete Davidson lookalike with the caption: “Vespucci Mask Shop guy looks sooooo much like Pete Davidson”.

As it turned out, this caption might not even have been necessary, with user No-Management7435 snagging the top comment by admitting: “Before I read the post I just saw the image and thought ‘That’s Pete Davidson’”.

User Izlude, on the other hand, replied to agree and to complement Davidson’s ability to hide in plain sight, saying: “Same, I've been there a million times and never noticed in-game but as soon as I scrolled past it, that was my first thought. Uncanny”.

Meanwhile, user TheThemePark took things a step further, declaring: “I have no idea who Pete Davidson is, never heard the name before, and yet I know exactly what actor it is, just from that pic.”

That said, not everyone in the thread had a positive reaction to the Davidson discovery, with user OG_Bradley_D saying: “Huh, maybe that's why I've always killed him, just something about his face made me trigger happy, now that you said Pete Davidson it makes sense, it's subconscious dislike. I can't stand that guy.”

Luckily, this sentiment wasn’t widespread, with user Ducky935 restoring the positive vibes by saying: “Dude's been selling masks since 2013, what a trooper, he must be a robot because he hasn't aged since 2013”.

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