GTA Online Player Brings Danny DeVito to Los Santos

A promo screenshot for GTA Online.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

As those players who have encountered the likes of Pete Davidson in Los Santos will tell you, GTA Online can be a bit of a celebrity hotbed.

From Dr Dre’s appearance in The Contract update to recent rumours of a possible movie-centric update starring Michael De Santa, which would likely feature at least a few A-list actors being in the works, San Andreas isn’t exactly short on stars these days.

Then again, it seems some players are still being denied a few of the celebrity cameos they seek, with one having decided to produce some artwork showing what one of the internet’s favourite famous people might look like if they were to show up in GTA.

Hollywood Action Hero Danny DeVito Gets a GTA Makeover

This is the topic of a recent thread in the GTA Online subreddit, which began with user MiterMinister posting their very own artist’s rendition of what meme-worthy actor Danny DeVito would look like as a GTA Online loading screen.

A number of users quickly stepped up to appreciate the artwork, with 1IIvc3 simply declaring the piece to be “beautiful” and GigaGooseGuns stating that they’d love it as a phone wallpaper.

Meanwhile, user i_lyke_turtlez asked how long the piece had taken MiterMinister to create, with the artist answering “about six hours”.

Some other users used to opportunity to speculate on what kind or role DeVito could play if he ever does enter the GTA universe, with Tweeter0583 saying: “honestly he would have made a good Lester” and Brian_E1971 adding: “It's Always Sunny contact missions coming soon”.

On the other hand, user pwrcord said: “We can all clearly see this was the concept art (of) Danny DeVito for the Casino Heist DLC, shame they scrapped him”, while Ghostbuster_119 suggested a couple of potential in-game homes for DeVito, suggesting: “I'd love for him to be like...the bartender in the biker pub, or maybe a regular patron in the nightclub.”

Sadly, it seems for now that the GTA adventures of these poor players will remain DeVitoless, but with more updates seemingly on the horizon, perhaps one day their Danny-based dreams will be realised.

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