GTA Online Player Creates Lightning McQueen from Cars Movie in Game

An image of a Lightning McQueen inspired car in GTA Online.
Credit: User wholsome-__- on Reddit.

An image of a Lightning McQueen inspired car in GTA Online.
Credit: User wholsome-__- on Reddit.

Given the sheer amount of exotic automobiles racing around any GTA Online lobby, it can sometimes feel difficult to make your car of choice stand out.

No matter how out there your livery, how fluorescent your rims or how many neon lights you’ve strapped to your bonnet, your ride can easily end up feeling run of the mill compared to the Deluxos and Tezeracts of GTA’s richest players.

However, if you’re looking for a way to spice up your car collection, an appropriately named Reddit user, wholsome-__-, might have come up with an idea that could inspire you to try something different.

GTA Online Player Shows off Cars Movie Inspired Garage

In a post, wholsome-__- showed off all ten of their film-inspired rides, which take inspiration from vehicles seen across all three Cars movies.

Naturally, the start of the collage was populated by the instantly recognisable characters from the franchise, such as Lightning McQueen, whose livery had been replicated on a Banshee and Mater, who took the form of a rusted Slamvan pickup.

However, as the comments on the post pointed out, wholsome-__-’s collection still contained some opportunities for further expansion, with both Sally the Porsche and Ramone the lowrider, both characters from the first Cars film, also having GTA versions of their specific car models on the market right now.

Regardless, user thebeardedbassfella complemented wholsome-__- on their work, saying: “finally, a collection that's not Fast and Furious lol, good job”.

A couple of other users politely suggested that using matte paint would look slightly better with Mater’s rusted livery.

User marksk88 had a more philosophical approach, taking the opportunity to ask: “do the characters in Cars need to buy life insurance or auto insurance?”, which prompted a response of “thanks. Guess I don’t need to sleep tonight” from another user.

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