GTA Online Player Shares Experience of Infamous Bad Sport Lobby

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Given how chaotic the average person’s GTA Online experience is in normal lobbies, with griefers serving as common agitators for players trying to grind their way towards transcendent wealth, it might surprise you to learn that the game also has a hidden underbelly for its worst offenders.

In the same way that America’s most wanted used to end up locked up in Alcatraz, GTA Online’s most unhinged trolls and griefers find themselves condemned to a separate ‘bad sport’ lobby alongside players of similar temperaments.

Naturally, well-behaved players who spend all day polishing their exotic cars and helping old ladies to cross the street never end up in this infamous place, but one player on Reddit recently decided to get themselves into it on purpose just to see what it’s like.

GTA Online Player Shares Experience of Bad Sport Lobby

This user, m_ceazy, compiled their findings into a post entitled “Bad Sport Lobby Ethnography: An In-depth Study of the Worst GTAO Players”.

Beginning with the observation that everyone in the lobby had “very cult-like” white caps, m_ceazy weaved a tale of repeated griefing attempts and offensive messages from their new lobbymates, many of whom seemed to have been dwelling on the dark side for a long time.

The player went on to explain: “my conclusion is that these people are a different breed of GTAO players. Think about the worst guy you’ve ever had in a regular lobby. Now multiply him by 20, and you have yourself a Bad Sport lobby.”

User _cmasterhart_ snagged the top comment, suggesting that the investigation would make a great topic for a YouTube video or documentary.

Meanwhile, user Cosmo_X said of the lobby: “you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy”, with zav_stay_or_go adding: “seems like a nightmare, it's bad enough some days in a regular lobby.”

On the other hand, user SooperFunk described that, if all you’re looking for are free roam firefights, the bad sport lobby isn’t too bad, saying: “it can be a very satisfying trip, I've been there 4 times on 2 different characters and had a blast. Not somewhere you want to get locked into for months on end though.”

User 101perry agreed with this sentiment, saying: “Honestly, best PVP fun I ever had in the game. I came out of the week-long experience one time insanely good at PVP, and (it) let me have a lot more fun.”

The post author, m_ceazy, plans to continue adding to their research as they serve their sentence in the bad sport lobby.

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