GTA Online Player Shares Dad’s Wholesome Reaction to Their Car Collection

An image of a garage in GTA Online.

Given that most news stories involving GTA Online and parents usually revolve around unapproved shark card expenditure, it’s nice to see players using the game to bond with their families once in a while.

This is precisely the story told by a GTA player on Reddit, who has shared their dad’s reaction to a tour of their in-game garages.

Apparently, the lucky father’s response to the acres of exotic cars bought via Reddit user 666pansexual’s hard-earned riches was a positive one too, with the player explaining: “my mom woke me up during mother's day to tell me about how he kept talking about it”.

GTA Online Player Shares Dad’s Wholesome Car Collection Reaction

666pansexual added that they’d offered to show their dad their collection, knowing that he was interested in cars, adding that when he accepted: “I went through my cars and in each one I googled where the design was based from and my dad guessed correctly 80% of the time.”

Finishing the post, they also added: “he also was flabbergasted that I used AWSD to drive”.

Typically for Reddit, one of the top comments immediately corrected 666pansexual that the right term for the keyboard driving controls is WASD, rather than AWSD, adding that this was probably the reason the dad was flabbergasted.

On the other hand, user smithn2321 said: “not gonna lie that’s cool, wish someone would think this way about mine”.

User TheMinick added an equally wholesome comment, saying: “Love that. He would have been a gamer if born in your generation. Maybe you can still teach him.”

This prompted a response from 666pansexual, who said: “My mom already agreed to play Journey in the summer (I live in the southern hemisphere), I need to get my dad on board next”.

User Terrorvision67 shared a similar story of showing their father the game’s classic cars and comparing them to their real-world counterparts, saying: “I showed him my office garage which houses all the vintage and muscle cars and we sat back talking about the old days again.”

As did user jesus-isnt-real, who said: “I love this feeling, my stepdad pulled me into cars and every time I buy, I know we will sit and talk about how I chose to build it and then about the real-life car. Really brought us together”.

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