GTA Online Players Host Fairly Rowdy Casino Pool Party

A screenshot of a party in GTA Online.

A screenshot of a party in GTA Online.

The players of GTA Online are big fans of the motto ‘work hard, play hard’, with every hour spent grinding heists and fighting griefers being offset by time spent blowing off steam and having innocent fun.

After all, when you’ve got boatloads of spare cash to burn, who doesn’t love a good shindig with friends?

Some of the game’s criminal elite have hosted one such bash recently, with the end result of several vehicles becoming submerged in the Diamond Casino’s pool being discussed on Reddit.

GTA Revelry Reaches Raucous Levels

The thread concerning this in the GTA Online subreddit began with user Saxtus sharing a clip of the festivities which shows an ambulance, among other vehicles, being dropped into the water, captioning it: “innocent fun in the casino pool.”

A number of fellow players responded to this reveal that they’d been inspired to fire up the game and organise their own rowdy function, with user CognosGuru saying: “every time I see stupid (stuff) like this, it makes me wanna load up gta online to do more stupid (stuff)...” and YogurtWenk adding: “shenanigans like this is what makes playing in a packed lobby worth it.”

Others were just happy to see the crazy hijinks going on, with user TheDriverJ yelling: “THERE WAS SOMEONE IN THE AMBULANCE” and Cor_0546_ declaring: “faith in gta online players restored.”

A few were surprised things didn’t get disrupted, with user Due-World2907 asking: “who else was waiting for an Oppressor to show up to the party?”, leading StalledAgate832 to respond: “I was waiting for either the crotch rocket or someone to try a bombing run with the Avenger.”

Another aircraft receiving mention was the Cargobob helicopter used by the partygoers to drop the ambulance into the pool, with user Flob368 asking: “Can you pick up boats with a Cargobob?”, leading others to reassure them that this is definitely possible.

Others spared a thought for the casino’s other patrons, with user Ok_Animator_6760 saying: “uhm, so this is what Agatha was complaining about…” and NorthwestDiecast adding: “This is exactly the type of (stuff) that eccentric millionaires with a casino penthouse would do.”

So, start planning your own GTA Online shindig and make sure to follow us for more updates as new content, possibly starring Michael from single-player, is released.

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