GTA Online NPCs prove to be the worst drivers around

A screenshot from GTA 5.

A screenshot from GTA 5.

While some GTA Online players have reached the point at which they can retire and devote their time solely to playing tennis and working on old cars, a lot of Los Santos’ residents are still grinding away and have important appointments to get to.

After all, the road to staying an unfathomably rich business mogul is paved with dedicated crews hosting promptly scheduled planning meetings and turning up on time to heists and sales missions that’ll maximise their revenue.

Unfortunately, it seems that Los Santos’ non-criminal residents aren’t too concerned about disrupting the timetables of highly organised players, with one recent culprit seeming to go out of their way to cause an avoidable road accident.

Are you sick of swapping insurance details on the streets of Los Santos?

The thread on this topic in the GTA Online subreddit began with a post from the players involved in this unfortunate incident, user T3AMTRAINOR, who shared a clip of it happening, which clearly shows the NPC randomly engaging reverse halfway across a junction, sarcastically captioning it: “Npcs aren’t coded to hit us.”

Some of their fellow players were equally outraged by the NPC’s flagrant display of dangerous driving, with user VisibleProgram5534 declaring: “This (has) gotta be the worst one I've seen” and chucchinchilla adding: “I can't even play devil's advocate to the extreme here, this is literally throwing cars at the player, actual physics be damned.”

User toblerone567 conducted a deep analysis of the footage, concluding: “(They) decelerated and reversed just to hit you”, while CopyDesperate seemed to suggest that the NPC’s car might have some illegal mods on it, saying: “He stopped on a literal dime and reversed fast as hell for an SUV like that.”

Meanwhile, user Jashiiiii asked: “Why do they do it like this tho?”, leading lakewood2020 to suggest that the erratic AI is inspired by the traffic of real-life Los Angeles and is just trying to automatically imitate it.

User FuxtUnicorn didn’t seem to appreciate its efforts much, saying: “As awful as this sounds, I’m glad it’s not just me that this is happening too. It’s been brutal today. I’ve been struggling to drive around in an invite-only without cars intentionally crashing into me or running me over.”

On the other hand, user JustOneMobileUser jokingly suggested of T3AMTRAINOR’s incident: “You drove three inches off the white line, causing the driver to punish you for such horrendous crimes, it's your fault 100%, trust me”, leading the poor driver to respond: “Damn. Guess you’re right, I’ll turn myself in.”

Regardless of whose premiums you think need to go up following the crash, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new vehicles and more arrive.

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