GTA Online player grinds up 400 million dollars in pocket change

An image of the GTA Online player with overflowing pockets.

An image of the GTA Online player with overflowing pockets.

While it can be tempting to whittle away the hours in GTA Online by messing around in swimming pools and occasionally making a submarine fly, some players choose to take things a little more seriously.

For these ambitious souls, life in Los Santos is all about the grind, no matter whether the goal being targeted is becoming the richest business mogul of all time or dominating the tennis minigame in a manner befitting your username.

In the case of one player, it was the former, with their continued efforts throughout the years and updates having delivered them the kind of off-grid fortune that boggles the mind of more casual criminals.

GTA players are slightly concerned by the size of this lad’s massive wallet

This is the subject of a thread in the GTA Online subreddit, which began with a post from user luigi_b0red, who shared an image of their character making it rain, captioning it: “finally reached $400,000,000 cash in pocket from grinding jobs.”

Naturally, the initial reaction of their GTA peers to this declaration was to consider trying to pilfer some of the unbanked cash for themselves, with user xDahvanakinx informing luigi_b0red: “(a) mugger is approaching the target” and Lord-Xerra saying: “one day you're going to be afk a long time, my man, and me and Lamar are going to get medieval with 10k muggings.”

Thankfully, a few law-abiding users were on hand to shut down these threats, with the appropriately named money_loo pointing out: That would be about 5,760 hours worth of mugging, or 240 days straight of non-stop mugging. Sheesh.”

User PeineDeMort responded to the original post with a sentiment that also applies to the idea of 240 days of pure mugging, saying: “That doesn't sound like fun at all”, to which luigi_b0red replied: “I suggest finding a good crew. Grinding small missions is quite fun when the conversation is good.”

They also had a retort at the ready for users who suggested that they ‘touch grass’ in order to regain some perspective, saying: “I go for my daily run in the summer at 7 am while it's still cool. Thanks for the reminder though!”

Meanwhile, user Agreeable_Serve_7754 asked how long it had taken to accumulate this level of pocket change, leading luigi_b0red to reveal: “it's been 3.5 years since my last bank transaction.”

Regardless of whether your bank of choice thinks you might be dead, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new content arrives.

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