GTA Online’s top tennis player is Roger Federer

An image of Roger Federer in GTA Online.

Despite many of GTA Online’s players seemingly filling their spare time spent away from the grind with trying to make submarines fly or become a superhero, a few still look to be fans of more mundane hobbies.

After all, how are you supposed to have the stamina to fend off griefers or fight the effects of ageing if you’re not living an active virtual lifestyle?

Thankfully, despite the game mode seeing no updates over the years, one player has managed to keep their very famous name at the number one seed spot on GTA Online’s tennis rankings.

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Their feat is the subject of a thread in the GTA Online subreddit, which began with a post from user Prolael, who shared an image of the minigame’s leaderboards, captioning it: “the top player in the tennis minigame is named Roger Federer.”

Their fellow players turned out to be less shocked by the name of the grand slam master and more by the popularity of the hobby, with user HelmeFurSchildkroten saying: “until now, I didn't expect anyone has played more than ten matches of tennis in GTA”, to which Prolael responded: “me neither tbh.”

User blazingTommy shared in their disbelief, but also decided to do some maths, working out: “man, 3800 games won means they have won once a day since the game released more or less... WHO PLAYS TENNIS??!”

This realisation triggered some players to show some reverence for the king of the courts, with user rainnfloatt saying: “man bought GTA just to play tennis” and EulerId declaring Mr Federer: “a proper GTA tennis enjoyer.”

Others seemed to have been inspired to give the game a go, with user smokeytoon asking: “Will playing tennis increase my strength? How many matches before I would notice?”, leading another user to sarcastically retort: “about 3,800 should increase your strength.”

Meanwhile, user Unusual-Syllabub reported having once challenged the Swiss ace in-game, recounting: “I played him. Barely managed to win two points out of two sets. For a second I thought it might be the real Roger Federer doing an episode for GQ or something.”

Regardless of whether you’d accept a match invite from GTA’s tennis overlord, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new content arrives.

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