GTA Online player takes out helicopter griefer with truck, miraculously saving sale

An image of some griefers in GTA Online.

An image of some griefers in GTA Online.

The successful business people of GTA Online have found a lot of interesting ways to maximise their revenue as the game changes with updates, from taking seminars on passive income to coming up with elaborate ideas on how to limit business raids.

One factor that these money-hungry fellows often can’t account for, much to their annoyance, are griefers, who can swoop in at any moment to intercept a shipment or just cause havoc.

Luckily, sometimes all you need to do to win a griefer fight is keep driving, as one player recently found out.

When it comes to successful sales, the key is to keep on truckin’

This thread about this event on the GTA Online subreddit began with a post from user KeySorbet2409, who shared a video of their armoured supply truck coming out on top in a head-on collision with a griefer’s helicopter, captioning it: “Me: 1, Griefers: 0.”

Their fellow GTA players were pretty impressed, with user Anyaele225 saying: “you did good!” and dylan_is_stoned adding: “love to see it.”

Sadly for the griefer, their attacking strategy received less than rave reviews, with one user saying: “gotta love how my man’s using missiles in the only helicopter with the death cannon” and another adding: “for real, he could’ve just followed and peppered them easily but they got greedy and acted stupid.”

One player did try to work out why the pilot had flown so low, with user eazybreezy105 suggesting: “plot twist, he was a kamikaze”, to which M0N5T3R_5N1P3R_ responded: “well he didn't succeed.”

Meanwhile, another user took the opportunity to issue a PSA on griefing, declaring: “People, if you’re gonna grief, be creative and fun with it. We gotta keep things interesting or at least add drama to people's lives if you aren’t gonna be good enough to destroy cargo, not crash into them and die like an idiot.”

On the other hand, user Jackattack_095 decided the incident was worthy of the subreddit r/Accidentalactionmovie, which is dedicated to inadvertent Hollywood-worthy moments.

Regardless of whether you think this moment makes that cut, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new content arrives.

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