GTA Online Criminal Enterprises Cars and New Vehicles

banner for GTA Online the Criminal Enterprises update

banner for GTA Online the Criminal Enterprises update
July 26, 2022: The GTA Online Summer Update goes live today. Below, we have all the details we have so far on the new cars coming to the game.

The next update for Grand Theft Auto Online is arriving tomorrow, and with it will be some brand new adventures, features and new vehicles. But which of the new GTA Online Criminal Enterprises cars are the best?

This next update brings nightclubs, clubhouses, and more. It gives each of these locations new missions, many of which involve new and existing vehicles.

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New GTA Online Criminal Enterprises Cars and Vehicles

The new cars and vehicles added through the GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update are as follows:

Vehicle name
Pegassi Torero XO
Obey Omnis E-GT
Lampadati Corsita
$1,795,000 (free on promotion)
Benefactor LM87
Bravado Gresley

There are two new Imani Tech-eligible vehicles in the update. These are able to take advantage of some special F. Clinton and Partner upgrades, such as remote control, missile lock-on jammer and more. You can see an image of one of the new Criminal Enterprises cars, the Bravado Gresley, below.

gta online, criminal enterprise cars
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That's alongside some new supercars, namely the Benefactor LM87, which seems to be rapid. It costs over $2 million though, so you'll need to have saved up a good amount before you can get yourself behind the wheel.

Equally, a few new aerial vehicles have emerged in the Criminal Enterprises update. The premium helicopter called the Conada is the main one. IT seems to be more focused on transportation than weaponry, without any railguns or missile launchers to speak of.

Best Criminal Enterprises Cars and Vehicles

As for the question of which of these new Criminal Enterprises cars is going to be the best, that really depends. It seems that some of these vehicles are going to be best suited for specific activities.

The Tech-enabled vehicles are probably going to be great choices for things like Heists or more active missions. The tuners could also be decent for those, but we'd wager that any racing done will most likely favour these vehicles.

If we had to pick just a few, we'd say that the Bravado Gresley could be one of the best cars in the new update. With the vast range of customisation you can apply to it, and decent strength to hold up against punishment, it seems to be a very versatile car. We also recommend the Pegassi Torero XO, which looks incredibly quick.

And that's all we have for you on the new GTA Online Criminal Enterprises cars. This update looks very promising and should bring quite a bit of fun. While you're here, we've also got a piece on the latest GTA Online update, and if you're looking for some freebies on a similarly action-packed game, check out our Project Slayers codes guide.

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