GTA Online: Treasure Hunt Locations

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Credit: Rockstar Games

If you’re thinking of running the “Treasure Hunt” mission from the Doomsday Heist update in GTA Online, there’s a sweet Red Dead double-action revolver in it for you. We get that the hunt might be overwhelming, so here's all the GTA Online Treasure Hunt clue locations.

To join the hunt, you need to be part of an online session. You'll then get an email (in the game) with one of the locations in it. Once you've located this one, you'll get three further locations to track down. These three will lead you to the all-important treasure chest. When you're close to the right place, you'll hear a wind chime noise. Note that if you leave halfway through, you'll need to restart.

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GTA Treasure Hunt Clue Locations

Each photo you get emailed to you will have one of the twenty available locations. There will be a marker on the map of a yellow question mark, showing the search radius. This can be quite big, so we're here to help.

The clues you need to find are notes, which come pinned to rocks, furniture, and other items.

  • Location #1: Del Perro Pier
    • Under the pier, on a pillar.
  • Location #2: Mount Josiah / Cassidy Creek
    • On a large rock at the peak.
  • Location #3: Vinewood Hills
    • Found on a tourist board at the top of the hill.
  • Location #4: Pacific Bluffs Graveyard
    • Found on a large gravestone in the graveyard at Hill Valley Church.
  • Location #5: Tongva Hills Vineyards
    • Found under the bridge, on a rock.
  • Location #6: San Chianski Mountain Range
    • On a large rock, near a boat and a house.
  • Location #7: Great Chaparral Church
    • On a gravestone in the graveyard.
  • Location #8: Cassidy Creek
    • Found on a tree by the bridge.
  • Location #9: Tataviam Mountains
    • Found on a wall under a canyon - but you'll need to get the mountain right.
  • Location #10: Sandy Shores / Alamo Sea
    • Head to the peninsula. Found on a rock next to a boat.
  • Location #11: Grand Senora Desert
    • Found pinned to a wall, on an abandoned building.
  • Location #12: San Chianski Mountain Range
    • Found on a wooden cross at the peak.
  • Location #13: Los Santos Golf Club
    • Found on the bridge.
  • Location #14: Pacific Ocean
    • Found on a rock at the peninsula of the beach.
  • Location #15: Paleto Bay
    • Found under a broken bridge.
  • Location #16: Great Chaparral
    • Found on a communication pole, on top of the hill.
  • Location #17: Sandy Shores
    • On a table, on top of the mountain.
  • Location #18: Mount Chiliad
    • On a table, on the mountain.
  • Location #19: Tongva Hills / Two Hoots Falls
    • On an Owl shaped totem pole.
  • Location #20: Sandy Shores
    • Find the clue on the largest mountain.

Here's a link to a handy video by GTA Series Videos, if you get stuck.

If you’re getting close to a clue, the game will inform you about this with the sound of a metal wind chime. Once you’ve collected one of these, three more clue locations will automatically be marked on your map.

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