GTA Online Player Outlines Nightclub Sale Griefer Netflix Pitch

A promo screenshot for GTA Online After Hours.

A promo screenshot for GTA Online After Hours.

Netflix has commissioned a litany of fairly out there shows in recent years, with dating show Sexy Beasts being just one example. However, it seems that one GTA Online player might have a pitch that’ll top everything else currently being offered to the streaming service’s bigwigs.

No, it isn’t a game show in which people compete for a share of a GTA billionaire’s unwanted cash or a comedy special starring Vespucci Beach Pete Davidson.

Instead, the show would be an episodic drama focusing on the game’s most persistent and reckless griefers.

Forget Real-Life Squid Game, Netflix Should Be Documenting Gta’s Most Wanted

Posting in the GTA Online subreddit, user AlexanderPriceMusic shared a clip of the latest episode in the prospective series, providing the synopsis: “Two level 300+ players desperately try to destroy my nightclub goods. I finished the delivery and whipped them into shape. Then they ran to go (and) bother someone else but I didn't let up.”

Later in the thread, they laid out their pitch, sharing links to other Reddit threads containing their griefer encounters and saying: “I think I'm nearing enough episodes for a Netflix show. They love coming after my nightclub goods”.

The rest of the thread seems to contain a strong smattering of potential viewers, with one user saying: “I suck at PvP so I have to hop servers to get away from griefers. These videos are always fun to watch” and RadDadMD adding: “Bravo! I love to see it!”

Some could even relate to the content, with user Verb_NounNumber saying that they’ve reached the point where they look forward to selling nightclub goods, as they’re at a high enough level that any players trying to trouble them make for easy work.

Meanwhile, user TheRevTholomeuPlague touched on what would likely be the show’s mysterious hook, asking: “Why do people seriously have to act like that? You’re level 300 (that’s assuming they didn’t cheat) do they not have anything better to do?”

We may never receive the answer to these questions without the intense analysis that accompanies any engrossing TV series, so Netflix, you know what to do.

While you wait for the show to arrive, make sure you follow us for more GTA Online updates as new content, possibly involving Michael from single-player, is released.

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