GTA Online Player Discovers the Perfect Anti-Griefer Tool

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A promo screenshot of the Velum in GTA Online.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

For those who play GTA Online, griefing is one of life’s constants, whether you’re desperately trying to pull a job or just having some innocent fun with friends in a lobby.

Whether it’s someone trying to trash your favourite supercar or running after you on foot with a baseball bat, griefers can sometimes feel impossible to escape.

However, if they catch you in the air, it seems that you might just have some hope of the situation swiftly resolving itself in your favour. That is, if you’re in the right plane and on your way to Cayo Perico.

Jet griefer gets sent back to flight school by weaponless plane

Posting in the GTA Online subreddit, user Cactus2222 began a thread sharing a clip of a griefer in a jet flying directly into their Velum, with the result being an explosion that destroyed the military aircraft but left the unarmed propeller plane to trundle on unharmed, leading them to christen it the “best anti-griefer tool to date”.

User tsaltaenola pointed out that Cactus2222 had also been awarded the $9,000 bounty on the griefer’s head thanks to being the immovable object in the exchange, which ezekial_dragonlord referred to as “a nice bonus”.

User MrSnypeurBean86 questioned the logic behind the griefer’s plan of attack, asking: “what did he think he was going to gain by ramming another plane?”, to which x534n responded: “I don't think he wanted to ram him. It looks like he's in a turn and maybe didn't have him in his line of sight. Excellent result regardless.”

Meanwhile, user MarcusDPS praised the plucky little aircraft that survived the ramming, saying: “whoever it was at Rockstar that actually buffed the Velum for this mission is absolutely an essential worker”.

Some users expressed a mocking pity for the griefer, with k7kopp saying: “imagine losing a dogfight to someone with no weapons and basically flying in a straight line”, while MarcusDPS suggested that the only appropriate response would be to “switch your system off and sit in silence just staring at the floor for 10 minutes afterwards”.

As a number of users pointed out, the Velum featured in the mission to scout Cayo Perico ahead of the heist that takes place there is unnaturally strong, which is likely what allowed it to come out on top in this exchange, so it still probably isn’t wise to go jet hunting with one in a regular lobby.

If you do still decide to give it a go, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online updates as new content is released, as that’ll ensure you have something to read while plummeting towards the ground, having been shot out of the sky.

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