GTA Online Players Rage Against Nightclub Delivery Griefers

An image of a nightclub in GTA Online.

An image of a nightclub in GTA Online.

The GTA Online grind is unforgiving and even those with enough disposable income to have bought a nightclub can’t afford to spend all day getting down and living large.

Instead, to make sure they can continue to afford the upkeep on their garage of exotic supercars, players have to keep pulling jobs and delivering the goods accumulated by their businesses.

Sadly in the case of players trying to do the latter of those options from their nightclub, it seems that griefers are still a big problem.

GTA Online Players Rage Against Nightclub Delivery Griefers

The issue is highlighted in a post by user AlexanderPriceMusic, who described: “This child chased my Nightclub goods across the entire map just to lose 4 times in a row and then hide in his RC vehicles. I still just barely made the delivery.”

Their efforts garnered them some admiration from fellow GTA players, with user InspectorOk6313 commenting: “and a Cargobob mission to boot! If i could upvote twice for this post i would” and Cosmo_X adding: “That was an insane delivery drop off. That thing could have plunged into the water if you were a second too late.”

Typically for GTA Reddit, several of the comments on the post were very negative towards the person doing the griefing, however, AlexanderPriceMusic responded to one of these, saying of griefing in public lobbies: “I really don’t mind it. It adds some excitement. If they succeed I usually just quit the game and try again. If not, I get a clip like this.”

On the other hand, several users argued that the clip proves that Rockstar still has some improvements to make in terms of gameplay during sales missions.

For example, user tweakyloco said: “If this doesn't show that Rockstar needs to make sell missions better and assure that people make their sell safely and not just grind for hours just to have it destroyed in seconds (I) don't know what does”.

User EJP390 identified a specific item in need of nerfing in order to make things easier for sellers, that being the highly controversial Oppressor Mark 2 flying motorbike, which has been a pet peeve of many GTA Online players ever since it was introduced in 2018’s After Hours update.

Meanwhile, user bbhero21 tried to see things from the griefer’s point of view, saying: “He was just trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty!”

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