GTA Online players discuss best sources of passive income

A screenshot from a GTA Online trailer.

A screenshot from a GTA Online trailer.

Earning money in GTA Online is always a hot topic, especially when a new update has just dropped some fresh and expensive content into Los Santos.

After all, who cares about GTA 6 speculation when you’ve got cars to customise and guns to test out on griefers, right?

Luckily for those penny-pinching to try and afford some new swag, GTA players on Reddit have decided to discuss the most effective ways to keep your bank account ticking over while you go off and grind heists for the big bucks.

GTA players debate how best to supercharge your stonks

The thread containing this important advice in the GTA Online subreddit began with a post from user _dudepare_, who shared a meme outlining several methods of raking in the dough and captioning it: “GTA Online passive income 2022 starter pack.”

This joke post led user OhMyTummyHurts to genuinely ask what the best source of passive income is right now, helping to facilitate a barrage of responses from GTA’s super-saving veterans.

Arguably the most eye-catching of these came from user ze_ex_21, who declared: “Punch pedestrians to death. Picking up a fortune, $11 at (a) time. My stats say in 9 years I've picked up $2.9 million”, an assertion backed up by Subreon, who specified: “go to the beach walk (during the) day (and) use the stone hatchet so you can survive the cops when they arrive.”

Other users had less murderous suggestions, with abshabab offering an essay-length analysis of all of the game’s best properties and their moneymaking potential in response to Reasonable-Promise38’s statement that the nightclub is the best option for raking in the moolah.

Meanwhile, some users have stopped seeing the benefits of decorum, with user Nexus369 declaring: “getting $2,000 for good behaviour at this point in the game is honestly more of a middle finger than a reward” and EskildDood adding: “(it’s) like giving Jeff Bezos a penny.”

On the other hand, a select few have given up on earning entirely, with user Random_BlaqDude explaining that they classify their character as retired and live a life of leisure maintained by some smart stock selling.

So, put on your working boots or grab your pipe and slippers, and make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new content arrives.

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