GTA Online Player Hides Out From Griefer Barrage in Apartment

A promo screenshot for GTA Online.
Credit: Image via the GTA Fandom Wiki.

A promo screenshot for GTA Online.
Credit: Image via the GTA Fandom Wiki.

While many of the purchases GTA Online players make can prove to be non-essential, having a roof over your head that’s more sturdy than the Minecraft version of The Diamond Casino is a must in a town where everyone’s out to get you.

This is especially the case if you regularly find yourself being targeted by hordes of griefers desperate to destroy your cargo or to make your attempts to stockpile cash ahead of the upcoming Criminal Enterprises Update.

One player has recently found out about the usefulness of apartments, hiding out from a pursuer for a considerable amount of time and inspiring others to share their griefer stakeout tales.

Oi, Your Missiles Are Blocking My View of the Sunset!

The thread concerning this event in the GTA Online subreddit began with a post from userA_Lucid_Dreamer, who shared a nightmarish clip of a griefer firing missiles directly at their apartment windows from an Oppressor Mark 2, captioning it: “Went to my apartment to avoid a griefer. This lasted for about 30 minutes. Not gonna lie, it was pretty fun to watch.”

Naturally, this provoked an array of responses from other GTA players who’ve endured similar stakeouts, with user Contrarian_Eh revealing: “I love calling mercenaries and muggers on them when they're on the ground, and watching it on the TV”, leading cardboardboxian to reply: “same idk why but muggers are so funny to me”.

Some users recommended a more pacifist-centric approach to the encounters, with DeadlyRanger21 saying: “It's funnier when you don't respond to texts and after they leave you say ‘had to run to the store, (are) you still here?’” and llxAstroxll adding: “it literally makes their blood boil when you don’t fight back. Best way to deal with these morons.”

Meanwhile, some players wondered out loud how the griefer had known which window of the apartment building to target with their missiles, leading a few users to don their conspiracy hats and suggest that the encounter may have been staged between two friends.

Another common explanation for this offered by some players in the thread was a glitch involving a thermal helmet or scope which would allow the griefer to see heat signatures through walls.

On the other hand, one group of users in the thread decided to ignore this debate and discuss what features they’d like to see added to GTA’s high-rise cribs, with UberLegitPlacebo saying: “Shame we can’t go out on our balcony. It’d be like spring break but with murder.”

Regardless of whether you think the concept of spring break with added murder sounds appealing, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online updates as new content is released.

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