GTA Online player proposes solution to the annoying menace of business raids

A screenshot from GTA Online's Criminal Enterprises update trailer.

A screenshot from GTA Online's Criminal Enterprises update trailer.

Earning money in GTA Online is always a hot topic, especially when a new update has just dropped some fresh and expensive content into Los Santos.

After all, who cares about GTA 6 speculation when you’ve got car customisation to finance and guns to buy and test out on griefers, right?

Luckily for those penny-pinching to try and afford some new swag, GTA players on Reddit have finished their seminar on passive income and moved on to discussing how best to deal with having their important investments stolen out from under their noses.

GTA players discuss how to secure their stashes

The thread containing this important advice in the GTA Online subreddit began with a post from user Falloutfan4ever, who shared their idea for a feature that could limit property raids for diligent business people and saying: “I made this concept for better Business raids, a new stat in your business: security. It (would) like Nightclub popularity but last way longer, (up to 5-10 hours).

They added that this feature, if implemented, would effectively solve the headache of raids, because: “as long as (the security stat is) above zero, you (wouldn’t) get raided and it (would be) maintained by ‘defend’ missions.”

Sadly, a fair few players baulked at the idea of having more work to do on top of their other duties as a business mogul, with user Marksman08YT declaring: “No. I'm paying for security damn it. Why can't they do their job and prevent raids entirely?” and KevChaosX agreeing: “Hell no, the myriad of businesses require way too much micromanagement to begin with and have only just recently gotten slightly (better) as time has gone on. The absolute LAST thing they need is yet another status bar to monitor…”

Thankfully, user RealGingercat227 explained things in slightly more diplomatic terms, saying: “it's a good idea but I'm pretty sure most of us would like to have raids removed entirely.”

Meanwhile, some users suggested that simply limiting how long they spend registered as an MC President or CEO is enough to help them limit the amount of raids they experience.

On the other hand, a few players didn’t seem to be having enough trouble with raids to even warrant taking that step, with user DejaVu2324 saying: “I don't think I've ever been raided. Do you get raided for stealing supplies? I always buy them.”

User Keep-Left shared a similar sentiment but also took the opportunity to show off their business acumen, revealing: “I've sold over $180 million in bunker stock and been raided all of five times... it's a rarity.”

Regardless of whether you live in constant fear of having your stock swiped, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new content arrives.

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