GTA Online players outline superhero-themed vehicles they want to see in the game

An image of a superhero in GTA Online.

An image of a superhero in GTA Online.

Despite some of GTA Online’s more futuristic and fantasy-fuelled vehicles having garnered bad reputations, with the Oppressor Mark 2 in particular being blamed for the majority of the game’s griefing problems, it seems that players aren’t entirely against having many more of them.

Perhaps this is only natural, as updates and flying submarines can only go so far in satisfying that ever-expanding itch to transform your GTA character into some kind of crime-fighting egomaniac.

So, a selection of players have taken to Reddit to outline their desires when it comes to saving the world in motorised style.

Pop on your lycra and cape, because GTA players want a Thanoscopter

The thread about this in the GTA Online subreddit began with a post from user Doc-Nocturnal, who shared an image of the Vigilante, a GTA car based on the classic batmobile and asked: “If you could add another superhero reference to GTA what would it be?”

Their fellow players stepped up to provide a huge selection of suggestions, with user ProtonVill idea of a car resembling: “the Green Hornet's ‘Black Beauty’” and albertgt40’s statement that: “the tumbler from the newer batman movies would be dope. Bonus points for a batbike if included” both gaining traction.

User ProtoBirb’s request for “The Thanoscopter” was a little more on the unusual side but gained support from users like iiEco-Ryan3166, who declared: “that's it, I'm making my Sparrow into the Thanoscopter”, presumably as a stopgap until the real one arrives.

Meanwhile, user SexyOVERTime decided superhero-themed weapons were more their style, demanding a grappling hook, to which QuenchedGinger responded: “they technically have this in Cayo Perico, but I don't think you mean that basic looking one.”

On the other hand, some users arguably failed to stick to the superhero brief, with BuddyPL adding to the list an: “Optimus Prime livery & body mods package for the Mobile Operations Centre”, to which tarion_914 replied: “Mobile Operations Centre Mark 2. Make it turn into a mech.”

User Divinedragn4’s appeal was worded in less forceful terms, with them saying: “I'm still sad we never got the Ghostbusters car. We got one of their songs too.”

Regardless of whether you know who to call when there’s something weird in your neighbourhood, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new content arrives.

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