GTA Online player makes the Kosatka submarine fly

A screenshot of GTA Online's Kosatka.
Credit: Image via the GTA Fandom Wiki.

A screenshot of GTA Online's Kosatka.
Credit: Image via the GTA Fandom Wiki.

The expert pilots of GTA Online have done a lot of remarkable things in Los Santos’ airspace, from killing griefers with unarmed passenger planes to recreating scenes from Top Gun.

However, they’ve never found a way to make an expensive watercraft fly through the air before, at least, not without the aid of mods and a soft landing space.

Luckily, such a development isn’t going to have to wait until GTA 6, as a plane added in a recent update has provided these air aces with the means to take Pavel for the ride of his life.

Is that a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Kosatka!

This thread about this crazy feat on the GTA Online subreddit began with a post from user Tesko249, who shared a video of a submarine going for an airborne piggyback ride on the back of an RO-86 Alkonost, declaring: “Today was the peak of my GTA experience”

Their fellow GTA players shared this enthusiasm, with user Merciless-Dom simply declaring: “I am very impressed”, while Walter-C-Dornez mused: “you know, there are things I thought I'd see today, this was definitely not one of them.”

Others were surprised that the other players and NPCs in the session hadn’t reacted a little louder to witnessing such an occurrence in the skies above them, with user CausticPenguino saying: “I like how you spammed the chat with look up while no one cared” and ShadowShade69 musing: “Y’all ever feel bad for the NPCs of GTA Online? The (stuff) they see lmao.”

Meanwhile, a few users summed up the checked-out attitude many of these poor souls have to wacky hijinks, with slowclapjohnny saying: “I would love to see a sub randomly drop outta the sky while I was playing” and Allenrw3 calmly pointing out: “uh, that’s a no parking zone, sir.”

Naturally, a few highly driven individuals were keen to outline locations that they’d like to see the sub end up on top of, with both Mount Chiliad and the Maze Bank tower being suggested as potential perches for the thermonuclear whip.

On the other hand, user Burgholio had a more interesting idea, saying: “Imagine if (Tesko249) had a buddy in the sub that could launch the missiles. Since they can now fly anywhere you could just nuke someone from anywhere in the sky at any time. This man has turned two vehicles into a Call of Duty killstreak."

Regardless of whether you think your submarine insurance would cover it becoming an airborne death machine, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new content arrives.

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