GTA Online Player Suffers Hilarious Skydiving Crash

Michael from GTA 5 looking up into the sky

I went skydiving once. Since it was my first time, I didn't have to pull the cord - there was a static line attaching it to the plane, opening the parachute automatically and allowing me to glide alone through the sky, onto the beautiful grass of the East Midlands airfield below.

I probably won't do it again. Jumping out of a moving aircraft is terrifying. Maybe skydiving in GTA Online is the way to go to recreate that thrill, instead jumping down onto the bustling streets of Los Santos.

Alas, some GTA players have found things aren't exactly safe in the giant open world, especially when you're jumping from the sky in first-person without a care in the world. One player found this out the hard way.

Pilots walk across the runway in GTA Online
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"Ouch" - This GTA Online Player

GTA Online player and Reddit user Lethal_Bassist has had quite the air-to-ground journey, and the subreddit has thoroughly enjoyed it.

Starting from atop a skyscraper, they jumped off, taking in the sights briefly before opening a parachute. Upon looking around at the city below, a red van approached at what seemed to be the perfect speed for a fun landing.

Well, let's just say the landing didn't go as planned. You can see the video here:


Kswanman15 summed up the community's thoughts, saying: "This is probably the funniest first-person clip I've ever seen."

Cosmo_X felt the pain of the accident: "Ouch! Does healthcare in the GTA universe cover dental?" I hope it does, although given that you get fleeced for thousands whenever you get wasted, maybe Lethal_Bassist is in for a painful few months.

I think the clip could use a touch more pizzaz, though. Agent_Dutchess agreed, stating: "Just needs the Curb your Enthusiasm soundtrack and freeze-frame on the lightpost." I totally agree - that'd make it the comedy moment of the century, at least in GTA Online.

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