GTA Online Players Criticise Game's Formal Fashion

A group of bikers in jackets from GTA Online

A group of bikers in jackets from GTA Online

GTA Online is a beautiful place. Los Santos is the city of dreams, and you can be whoever you want. You can have wholesome birthday parties for your friends, reenact the American Revolution, or even pay a fair and normal price for gas.

Truly a world in which anything is possible.

Unfortunately, this isn't completely true. Some GTA Online players just fancy waltzing around looking all fancy-pants. And guess what? The looks just aren't serving what they should be.

Franklin from GTA Online dressed up for The Contract
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GTA Online Players Can't Look Dapper

You'd think being a professional master criminal comes with its benefits. Wads of cash, fancy cars, nice houses. You'd be right. Unfortunately, money can't buy a sense of style, as Reddit user RiggedBenny found out the hard way.

"It INFURIATES me that the Lilac Suit Jacket and Lilac Suit Pants don't match colour."

To be fair, it does look a little bit like the photographed character just threw on whatever happened to come back from the dry cleaners without a care in the world.

The GTA Online community seem to be in agreement with RiggedBenny. Askywalker44a bemoaned the shading of the standard navy suits, saying "Yes. Anything navy is all over the map."

This caused waves of agreement and ripples of applause from the crowd. "Mate the navy suit matching has had me pulling my hair out lol I’m glad I’m not the only one," quipped Dixons05. It's a shame too - some of the clothes look great, but you can't build an outfit out of them. "The casino jackets with the pocket square look badass in navy but there are literally no pants that match. These R* guys do some meta-level satire/trolling of the fans lol."

Some members of the player base seem to be resigned to fashion failure as an inevitability. Rather than anger, the appropriately-named Blacktimberlands said: "Welcome to GTA, sometimes clothing from the same set doesn’t even match lol."

The "lol" clearly hides years of pain and frustration that it's impossible to get trousers to match your black Timbs, and I hope the commenter finds peace, probably outside of the realm of GTA Online.

Maybe the way to get over this is to take a look at the outfits as a whole. Barretbuilt comes at this from a unique angle, noticing something I, and most others, preferred to avert our gaze from: "Yo. That camel toe though…"

Regardless of your fashion choices in-game, make sure you keep your eyes right here for more info on GTA Online. From sightings of the Loch Ness Monster to Despicable Me cosplayers, there's never a dull moment around these parts.

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