GTA Online Players Plan to Reenact American Revolution in Los Santos

A promo screenshot for GTA Online.

A promo screenshot for GTA Online.

Despite their apparent hatred of griefers, the players of GTA Online are also constantly looking for new ways to justify engaging in large-scale warfare with each other.

While such fights generally follow a controversial finish to a supercar race or are just a spot of innocent fun among friends, occasionally they’re conducted for a higher purpose.

While a bitterly contested alien war remains the most famous example of this kind of conflict, it seems another could be on the horizon, this time with a more old-school atmosphere.

Historical Battle Could be New Alien War in GTA Online

This is the topic of a recent thread in the GTA Online subreddit, which began with user stachurskiy posting an image of their character dressed as an English redcoat soldier, captioning it: “gentlemen, (the) Americans are asleep, spread the word about preparations for the July 4.”

A few users were immediately reminded of the alien saga, with skag_mcmuffin asking: “Are we going to have battles? Like when the green and purple aliens were a thing?”, prompting Diego_Pepos to respond: “If I see anyone with a different coat, I sure will.”

Some users offered glimpses of what this could look like, with UnwillingSycophant yelling: “The Redcoats are coming” and LifeProblemsBro adding: “the Redcoats have activated ghost organisation.”

User stachurskiy returned to outline the uniform specifications for those planning to take up the British side in the conflict, specifying it to consist of a musket plus: “(a) red wool overcoat, white cuffed business shirt, white slim fit suit pants, heavy uniform boots, frontier hat (and) also get (a) white ponytail haircut.”

However, it seems the boys in red will face a tough challenge from their transatlantic foes, with user Aka_Skularis issuing the rallying cry: “Bring it on redcoats, we’ll throw your tea into Los Santos harbour this time, signed a still awake American.”

Meanwhile, user notoriouslk compared stachurskiy’s outfit to a familiar Fallout character, saying: “looks like someone who says another settlement needs our help”, leading Neckaru to ask: “Which one? Can you mark it on my map?”

While you decide which side to take in the seemingly imminent war, be sure to follow us for more GTA Online updates as new content, possibly starring Michael from single-player, is released.

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