GTA Online player produces guide to the perfect aircraft bombing run

A promo screenshot of the RM-10 Bombushka.
Credit: Image via the GTA Fandom Wiki.

Despite the game being almost a decade old, GTA Online players are still taking every opportunity to learn new things about it and optimise their gameplay strategies as new updates arrive.

After all, anything you learn about fighting griefers or making money now will probably still be useful in GTA 6, right?

Luckily, for those whose abilities in aerial warfare aren’t exactly up to Top Gun standards, one player on Reddit has taken it upon themselves to teach a masterclass in how to unleash explosive hellfire from the air.

GTA players drop it like it’s hot

The thread containing this world-class lecture in the GTA Online subreddit began with a post from the lecturer, user Abakedpotato79, who shared an in-depth video of them conducting a bombing run, captioning it: “technique for accurately dropping bombs/carpet bombing.”

A number of users were taken aback by how good the tutorial was, with Anoumoge-Railim saying: “as someone who has a hard time learning planes/jets (after 2,000+ hours lol) this is really friggin helpful! I will look forward to any more tips you have” and doofpooferthethird adding: “oh damn, thanks, I hardly ever hit anything with my bombs, this seems very easy and reliable.”

Even the experts gave it a thumbs up, with user aviatorEngineer musing: “this is some pretty good advice, I never even knew that camera setting existed. After the update to (add in) first person, I just assumed that there was no way to go back.”

Some of the seebled students had questions about the presentation, with user Ill_City_4655 asking: “shouldn't this change with different planes, surely it's different for a low altitude B11 and a boosting Starling?”, leading Abakedpotato79 to answer: “Nope, it works for me in every plane/jet I've flown. Including the Starling.”

Appropriately named user Astro_Learner asked how much height affects bombing, prompting Abakedpotato79 to reply: “Not much as long as you’re not too high up, because when you’re too high up the bombs that you drop will bug out and fall through the map.”

Meanwhile, some attendees had more general observations, with user SharkRDita pointing out that similar techniques are used in War Thunder and another user asking for a tutorial on how to use guided missiles effectively.

So, double-check your notes, start revising for the exam, and make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new content arrives.

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