GTA Online player kicked from crew faces $16 million worth of solo sales

An image of some goods in GTA Online.

An image of some goods in GTA Online.

While many GTA Online players are dedicating themselves to grinding away and becoming the game’s richest business moguls, the savviest of these would-be billionaires often form groups to help each other maximise revenue.

After all, with fresh lucrative events popping up via every new update to the game, along with a host of returning players who might fancy a bit of griefing, having someone to watch your back isn’t too bad an idea.

Sadly, it seems one GTA grinder can no longer relate to this sentiment, having been abandoned by their crew before they could sell their huge stash of goods.

Abandoned GTA player is left sitting on a massive pile of cash

The topic in the GTA Online subreddit began with a since-removed post from the player in question (tastefully named user E-roticWarrior) who shared some images of their poor goods sitting around in their warehouses, saying: “All [of my] CEO/MC warehouses, nightclub and bunker [are] full [and] ready to sell (worth $16,732,750), but [I] got kicked from [my] crew.”

Some of their GTA peers were quick to offer some sympathy, with user SavageBongOG saying: “Crews are not everything just a lot of rules [and] he said she said [drama], just make some friends [and] you'll be fine”, to which E-roticWarrior responded: “You're so damn right man, they didn't even have the courtesy to say what they were kicking me for, and they also told another crew to reject my request to join.”

Others attempted to offer solutions to the issue of the massive goods stash, with a couple of crews and some players stating their willingness to aid with the barrage of sales necessary to turn the stock into spendable cash.

An image of the now locked thread.
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On the other hand, user Impossible-Charity-4 had a rather more radical and possible long-term solution for E-roticWarrior’s situation, declaring: “I made my own crew and I’m the only member.”

Meanwhile, a few users commended E-roticWarrior for their incredible goods-acquiring abilities, with Requirement_Level saying: “Bro you are a man of sheer determination” and Jeberani openly wondering how on earth they’d managed to fill all of the warehouses.

According to E-roticWarrior’s response, the answer was mainly just to take on the cost of buying supplies, rather than wasting time and resources on trying to steal them.

Regardless of how your GTA character makes their moolah, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new vehicles and more arrive.

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