GTA Online players speculate about the strange contents of their office safes

An image of a safe in GTA Online.

An image of a safe in GTA Online.

Given how many GTA Online players have spent far too much time grinding away in quests to become the game’s richest business mogul or simply to dominate its tennis minigame, it’s important that they have somewhere to keep their plentiful cash and expensive rackets safe and secure.

For those who own a penthouse apartment in the swanky Diamond Casino added a few updates ago, this space can be the massive safe contained within the condo’s office, which gradually fills up as you accrue wonga.

However, it seems one player on Reddit can’t quite get it to reach capacity, leading them to wonder what they’re missing out on.

Do you keep a supply of griefer tears next to your hard-earned millions?

The thread on this topic in the GTA Online subreddit began with a post from the player in question, user MrToastbrot123, who shared an image of their partially empty safe, asking: “What goes in the top compartment of the office safe?”

Some of their GTA peers had some rather interesting theories on what should occupy the empty space, with user DarrylCornejo answering: “the tears of (Oppressor) Mark 2 griefers”, leading Speedemon2312 to verify: “those are worth trillions.”

On the other hand, cheerfully named user IamBecomeDeath187 declared: “the infinite snacks your assistant keeps” and The_Half_Caste suggested: “a photo of everyone who loves you.”

Meanwhile, user Assassingamer13 decided to lower the tone, offering: “the (females) you've accumulated” as an answer, prompting Mitsu_96 to reply: “no wonder mine's empty.”

Thankfully, several players came through with the correct answer, with user onion_surfer14 revealing: “it’s all chips until you reach 12 million chips on you, then it’s full” and filthy_sinner adding: “(I) really wish they would turn it back to all (being) cash.”

Sadly, this means that your dreams of having any of the previous suggestions or user EmploymentOk3937 idea of: “the mint condition, signed Danny DeVito Nudes: Definitive Collection” land in your big safe box won’t be coming true any time soon.

Regardless of whether or not that disappoints you, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new content arrives.

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