GTA Online player creates photorealistic replica of real-world car

An image of a Lamborghini in GTA Online.

An image of a Lamborghini in GTA Online.

Despite the age of the game, many GTA Online players are still busy dedicating themselves to grinding away and becoming the game’s richest business moguls, occasionally banding together to help each other maximise revenue.

Thankfully, a few of these tireless grifters have reached a point where they can retire and enjoy spending their days playing tennis and blowing their fortunes, rather than keeping track of the fresh lucrative events added by every new GTA Online update.

One of these retired criminals has seemingly been using this time to work on restoring a retro car to its real world prime, with pretty impressive results.

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The thread on this topic in the GTA Online subreddit began with a post from the player in question, user Mr2_800hp, who shared some images of their creation and its inspiration, a purple Lamborghini Diablo, saying: “I tried to recreate the car in the first image but I can't really get the colour down.”

Some of their fellow automotive artisans were quick to break out the Dulux colour chart to offer some shades that might work a little better, with user XeroTheoryUnknown sharing an image of their motorbike and saying: “Is this colour close enough? If so, try Midnight Purple with a pearlescent Salmon Pink and experiment around that."

On the other hand, user FormulaZR got even more specific: “If you make your own crew, try this hex w/ Salmon Pink pearl: #351C35AA,” to which A-le-Couvre replied: “Too dark, needs something like #AD42ADAA.”

Thankfully, user -RetroSight- stepped in to urge Mr2_800hp not to get too hung up on colours, saying: “Keep in mind that this game’s lighting still isn’t quite up to par, so you might not get it to look exactly like this unless you’re on PC and use mods.”

Meanwhile, a few users focused their attention more on the car itself, with user --_-Deadpool-_– declaring: “That and the Countach were basically on the wall in every boy’s bedroom during the 90s.”

Regardless of what you had on your bedroom wall as a child, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new vehicles and more arrive.

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