Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 LIVE: v13.40 Patch Notes, Joyride Update, Season 4 Start Date, Challenges, Skins And Leaks

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 IS LIVE and cars have finally been added to the game

Update version 13.40 will bring plenty of new content and a new event!

Recently, Aquaman and Black Manta were made available, including a cameo appearance from Captain America, in this super period for Fortnite.

While we wait to see what further awaits us under the partially flooded map, here's what we know about the update so far.

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You can check out the latest information on the following topics in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3:

Latest News

Game Changes - 5th August

The Marauders have been updated:

  • Bandage drop % from 50% to 25%
  • Stink Grenade drop % from 50% to 75% Stink Grenade drop stack from 3 to 6

Some new variables:

  • Fire & Hop Flopper.Heal = 15
  • Fire & Hop Flopper.Duration = 20sec
  • FlopperShield.Heal = 50
  • Default.FlopperJellyFish.Heal = 50
  • FlopperJellyFish.Radius = 500
  • FlopperThermal.Heal = 15
  • FlopperThermal.Duration = 20sec
  • FlopperMiniGame.SizePercentileThreshold: 0.5

The ring will now also collapse faster.

Joyride Update Trailer - 5th August

Cars Trailer!
August 5, 2020

Unfinished Skin - 5th August

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Radios Added - 5th August

Vehicles now have radio stations including boats!

All Artists and songs on The Beat Box Radio:

  • Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams
  • Drake - Gods Plan
  • Drake - Fake Love
  • Drake - Toosie Slide
  • 21 Savage - a lot (ft. J Cole)
  • Lil Baby - Drip Too Hard (ft. Gunna)
  • Post Malone - Sunflower (ft. Swae Lee)
  • Cardi B - I Like It (ft. Bad Bunny & J Balvin)
  • Ayo & Teo - Rolex
  • Travis Scott - Sicko Mode
  • Travis Scott - Goosebumps
  • 21 Savage - Bank Account
  • Roddy Rich - High Fashion
  • Polo G - Flex (ft. Juice WRLD)

New Emotes - 5th August

All leaked emotes! (via @HYPEX)
— ShiinaBR - Fortnite Leaks (@ShiinaBR)
August 5, 2020

Castaway Jonesy Skin - 5th August

Price 800 V-Bucks

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Photo via @HYPEX

New Skins - 5th August


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Photo via @HYPEX

New Quests - 5th August


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Photos via @iFireMonkey

New 'Hightower' Event Coming - 5th August

A new event called Hightower is coming to Fortnite.

The event will leave markings on the map:

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Photo via @iFireMonkey

New Creative Props And Island - 5th August

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Photo via @iFireMonkey

New STW Bundle Samurai Scrapper - 5th August


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Photos via @iFireMonkey

New Fish - 5th August

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Photo via @iFireMonkey

New Floppers - 5th August

  • FlopperFire
  • FlopperHopRock
  • FlopperJellyFish
  • FlopperMerchanic
  • FlopperShield
  • FlopperThermal

New LTMs - 5th August

Rags To Riches

Eliminate players to upgrade your weapons!

Compete in this arms race variant of Battle Royale where all weapons spawned in the map and chests are common tier and the only way to get better weapons is by getting eliminations!

Fishing Frenzy

Fish for better gear!

Compete in this Battle Royale mode with a catch; all loot must be fished. Find high tier loot in fishing spots! The Last fisherman standing claims victory!

Knockout: Shuffle

Compete in a four-round bracket squad battle!

The team with the most eliminations at the end of the round moves on.

The team that wins the 4th round wins the match! Loadouts are randomized for both teams each round! Respawn and Ammo Regeneration is ON

Knockout: Air Raid

Compete in a four-round bracket squad battle!

The team with the most eliminations at the end of the round moves on.

You'll have a jetpack with a low-gravity environment, so take to the air and claim VICTORY! Respawn and Looting is ON.

Super Taxi!

Deliver fares and earn stars in this taxi-based LTM! Be the first team to the target number of stars and you win!

Earn stars by delivering fares, by collecting stars in the world, or by recovering ones dropped by leading players!

Rally Royale

Collect Golden Tickets to unlock the Finish Line. Golden Tickets are found in special Supply Drops.

Once you have enough tickets, get to the Finish Line! Golden Tickets are shared amongst the Squad.

New Season 14 Emojis - 5th August

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Photo via @iFireMonkey

Batman Bundle Updated/Reappears - 5th August

Updated bundles includ:

  • Batman Caped Crusader Pack
  • Batman Gear Bundle
  • Catwoman Bundle
  • Derby Dynamo Challenge Pack
  • Shadow Strike Pack


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Photo via @iFireMonkey

New Bundles - 5th August

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Photo via @ShiinaBR

Cosmetics - 5th August

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Photo via @iFireMonkey

Fortnite v13.40 Patch Notes - 5th August

The key bullet points from Epic's Fortnite v13.40 update have purportedly been leaked to Twitter. These come courtesy of Twitter user @iFireMonkey:

  • Joy Ride Update: "Fuel up at the new gas stations and master each car's unique speed and handling."
  • Groove to the Music: "Your road trip on the island needs a soundtrack, so we added radio stations. If you're streaming, adjust your Creator Options in the Audio Settings for copyright-safe music."
  • Summer Splash LTMs: "New summer LTMs continue this week with Gungame and One Shot."
  • Coral Castle: "In case you were underwater and missed it, the Coral Castle POI surfaced in the northwest quadrant of the map. Explore a lost city that time forgot."
  • Party Royale: "New entertainment across music, sports, and the deep sea. Starting Friday, we'll have a video premiere event from Japanese artist Kenshi Yonezu at the Main Stage. Refer to your channel's platform policies for tips on how to avoid copyright strikes."
  • What's bugging you?: "We were able to squash some key bugs called out by many of you. This includes the Slow Glider bug, dopping a weapon to instantly reload it, and controller bugs on PC."
  • Vehicle Spawn Rates: Car (35%), Truck (35%), Taxi (35%)

Cars Arrive In Fortnite - 3rd August

The new 'Joyride Update' will bring cars to Fortnite! Here's everything you need to know about cars.

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Atlantis POI Revealed - 1st August

The final water level has lowered today and the Atlantis POI has been revealed.

First look at the NEW location in Fortnite!
— Ali-A (@OMGitsAliA)
August 1, 2020

Below are some shots of what this new POI will look like:

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Photos via @FNBRLeaks

According to @ShiinaBR, The POI is called Atlantis in several folders of the new .pak file, so technically they could still hotfix the name to Atlantis instead of Toot Conch! Toot Conch is the only string in the file presently.

v13.40 Reaching Staging API - 31st July

The new patch has now reached the official staging API, meaning Epic is currently testing this update and will "likely release within the upcoming weeks" according to @FNBRHQ.

Week 7 Challenges - 30th July

The Week 7 Challenges are here:

  • Search 7 chests at Retail Row
  • Gain 100 Health or Shields from SLURP at Slurpy Swamp
  • Collect 1 Floating Ring at Weeping Woods
  • Find 3 balls of yarn at Catty Corner
  • Collect 300 Stone from Rapid's Rest
  • Eliminate 5 Players
  • Eliminate 50 Players (squad challenge)
  • Search 7 Ammo Boxes at Pleasant Park
  • Get 3 eliminations at Sweaty Sands

Water Level Decrease - Atlantis POI Releasing Soon - 30th July

The map has undergone a few changes:

  • Sweaty Sands fully returns
  • Roads at Slurpy appear
  • Camp Cod becomes less flooded

There is one water level left, meaning we should see the Atlantis POI on the 1st August at 8am BST according to @iFireMonkey.

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Photo via @iFireMonkey

v13.40 Patch Notes - 30th July

@iFireMonkey has provided a more accurate date, where we should see the update arrive on the 4th-5th August. This is due to Week 8 challenges not yet being complete.

Here's what bugs are planned to be fixed in the next update according to the official Trello board:

  • General
    • Mouse cursor appearing on PC when playing with controller.
  • Battle Royale
    • "Deal damage within 10s of landing from Whirlpool at Hydro 16" should say "at The Yacht" instead.
    • Slow Glider speed after redeploying in certain situations.
    • "Land at Frenzy Farm/The Yacht and finish Top 25" not counting in Duos/Squads.
    • XP bar can be visually incorrect while in a match. /Incorrect levelling-up.
    • Ocean's Bottomless Chug Jug unable to be picked up while recharging if dropped by another player.
  • Creative Mode
    • Billboards broken in islands that used Roboto.
    • Multi-selected items do not rotate properly on grid snap
  • Save The World
    • B.A.S.E. May not appear in the Trap Wheel
    • Certain new weapon perks are missing on new weapons
    • 'Search and Rescue' Quest missing Mission
    • Quest 'Eliminate: Down with a Boom' does not track Lobber eliminations
    • 'Weapons: Super Powers' Quest doesn't always progress
  • Mobile
    • Elimination feed may not appear on the HUD
    • Yellow square appears when you level up
    • Unable to throw grenades while riding a Loot Shark
    • Sail Shark Glider may have yellow coloration on mobile devices

Ancient Astronaut Leaks - 21st July

Dataminer FortTory has found the Ancient Astronaut whilst looking through the game data.

The location of the Astronaut is still currently underwater.

Alongside this, he found a number of challenges in the code relating to the Ancient Astronaut. Check them out below:

  • Found Ancient Ship
  • Collect Missing Part
  • Install Missing Part
  • Begin Launch Sequence
  • Stop Ship Launch
expand image

Courtesy of @FortTory

FortTory also revealed a number of Ancient Egyptian themed assets in the game data.

The building assets are named, Stone Age, Pyramid and Sphinx.

The question is, do the Astronaut and the Egyptian themed building assets have any connection?

We'll have to wait and see, check out our full article here.

When Does Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 2 End?

Season 3 will end on the 27th August 2020. Short of any delays, Season 4 should begin here.

The latest season of Fortnite began on the 17th June, with the update starting at 7pm BST.

Guides & Tutorials

Need some help with Fortnite? Check out our various guides and tutorials right here!

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The Device Event

The Device Event, also known as the Doomsday event, marked the end of an extended Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3.

Fortnite World Cup 2020

Speculation is growing surrounding the Fortnite World Cup 2020 that it may be cancelled, especially as qualifiers started back in April last year.

You can expect tournaments around this event to begin during this season.

The Fortnite Competitive Twitter account recently tweeted this:

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Meaning that the likelihood of seeing anything around the World Cup in the current season is unlikely.

Ninja also pointed out the extreme lag that players experience in custom games.

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Map Changes

Every season that goes by will result in map changes, in Chapter 2 Season 2 there were FOUR new Points of Interest added.

Here's a look at the new map:

expand image

Most interestingly, a new POI has been added to the map.

expand image

It has been confirmed that water will go down over time.

expand image

As time goes on more locations will be revealed and cards will be added to the game.

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Here are the new weapons on offer in Season 3:

expand image

The Whirlpool is also an item/weapon:

expand image

And a new Molotov weapon

expand image

Updated Crash Pad:

expand image

Unvaulated Weapons:

  • Hunting rifles (all variants)
  • Chug splashes
  • Chug jugs
  • P90
  • Bol Action Sniper Rifle
  • Stink Bombs

Vaulted Weapons:

  • Original Pump Shotgun

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass will once again play an important part in the season and although we're unsure what it will include, we can expect plenty of skins, emotes, pickaxes and gliders.

It will likely be the same price, costing 950 V-Bucks for the battle pass - this is about £7-8.

You can also obtain the Battle Pass Bundle, which will cost 2800 V-Bucks and rewards you with access to the first 25 tiers of the Battle Pass immediately.

This season it will take 7,560,000 XP to reach max rank.

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