Best Warzone Caldera assault rifle: AR tier list

Image showing STG 44 Assault Rifle on Black Background
Credit: Activision
November 15, 2022: The final day of Warzone is underway. Scroll down to find the best Warzone assault rifle to use in Caldera, Fortune's

Since Warzone released back in March 2020, Raven Software continues to add a wealth of assault rifles (AR) to the ever-expanding arsenal through the integration of other titles and the seasons of post-launch content. With Season 5 well underway, there's been a shift in the ever-changing metagame thanks to Raven Software.

Thanks to regular changes to how weapons perform on the streets of Caldera and Rebirth Island, it can be difficult to find the best Warzone Assault Rifle to use.

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Cooper Carbine Warzone
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What is the best Warzone assault rifle?

S Tier
Vargo 52, Automaton, Cooper Carbine, Grau 5.56, Kilo 141, KG M40, STG 44
No data

With so many viable options, it's tricky to pick an AR that stands out from the crowd. If we were to pick one that stands out from the rest, we recommend the Cooper Carbine from Vanguard.

The lack of recoil and damage drop-off makes it the best rifle to use at any range.

Call of Duty Warzone AR tier list

With a total of 34 ARs to choose from, more rifles are expected to arrive as the Pacific era continues to progress. As soon as the integration takes place, we will update this list to see how the new weapons compare.

S tier

Following the most recent wave of buffs and nerfs, these weapons continue to stand out from the rest of the arsenal. the NZ-41 has disappeared, resulting in the Automaton and Grau 5.56 proving extremely popular.

In addition, the Cooper Carbine is another strong choice for some deadly mid-range damage.

Image showing golden AK-47 assault rifle
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Credit: Activision

A tier

Following nerfs to the NZ-41, it's dropped from S into A-Tier but still packs a punch. The most recent arrival to A-Tier is the Nikita AVT that made its debut in the Season 3 update. Despite its impressive fire rate, it's tricky to control when shooting at a faraway target.

Grav Warzone Loadout
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B tier

Some of these weapons once dominated the meta but after receiving a number of nerfs, they've slowly tumbled down the order. The Kilo 141 still features some incredible damage but the recoil levels aren't worth the hassle even with a strong combination of attachments. The RAM-7 is a viable option for those looking for a mobile AR to use but will need the right loadout in order to achieve success.

Warzone Assault Rifle Tier List RAM 7
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Credit: Activision


These weapons never really set the meta on fire with any of their attributes which is why they're so far down the list. There could be instances where the likes of the FAL and Scar are useful but we recommend avoiding them for something else higher up the list.


All three of these assault rifles will give you no advantages if you opt to use them as part of a loadout. Each of them have poor performance in numerous categories, meaning it's definitely worth looking in some other tiers for a more viable AR to use.

There you have it! That's our definitive assault rifle tier list for Warzone. For more guides, check out the best Warzone guns to use as attention turns towards Season 5.

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