Best FFAR 1 Warzone Loadout

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The FFAR 1 assault rifle in Warzone once dominated the metagame thanks to its incredible rate of fire enabling it to be used in every scenario imaginable. The fast fire rate combined with the low recoil levels saw many players add it to their loadouts but with Season 3 on the way, it's fallen off in popularity.

Although it wasn't the most popular towards the end of the Verdansk era, it often appears in the loadouts of players thanks to regular weapon tuning from Raven Software.

As the Warzone meta continues to evolve, it's tricky to determine the best FFAR 1 attachments to use on the rifle. Thankfully, we've spent plenty of time mastering the gun in order to gain the upper hand on Caldera and Rebirth Island. In this guide, find the best FFAR 1 Warzone loadout and the best attachments to use.

What Is The Best FFAR 1 Warzone Loadout?

This particular set of attachments is the perfect balance between close-quarters impact and mid-range performance. Check out the full list of attachments in the table below.

Attachment Name
MuzzleAgency Suppressor
Barrel21.2" Ranger
StockRaider Stock
AmmunitionSalvo 50 Rnd Fast Mag
UnderbarrelField Agent Grip

Overall, this build is the strongest to use by some distance thanks to improvements in damage range and recoil control. The fast rate of fire takes some skill to master but once you've tamed it, it's an incredibly versatile assault rifle.

Best FFAR 1 Warzone Loadout
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How To Unlock FFAR 1 in Warzone

Fortunately, players don’t have to complete any challenges to unlock the FFAR 1 in Warzone. However, players need to reach Level 40 for it to become available.

Best FFAR 1 Warzone Attachments

The FFAR 1 can be an absolute beast when outfitted correctly. Check out the list below for the best attachments you should be using.

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 19.5" Task Force
  • Stock: Raider Stock
  • Magazine: Salvo 50 Rnd Mags
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip

This attachment combination makes the FFAR 1 arguably one of the most popular weapons to use in Season 5 despite the nerfs. The choice of muzzle and barrel improves damage range, making the FFAR 1 much more effective in mid-range combat.

As always, selecting a huge magazine enables you to score consecutive kills without having to reload which is much better than having to dip out of the action and reload.

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Best FFAR 1 Warzone Perks and Equipment

Just in case you need to switch to another weapon during a tense firefight you will want to make sure you have a decent sidearm. We've picked the Renetti, and detailed the best set up below:


  • Muzzle: Desperado Pro Compensator
  • Barrel: Mk1 Extended
  • Laser: 1mW Laser
  • Ammo: 27 Round Mags
  • Trigger Action: Match Grade Trigger

To further improve the mobility of this loadout, the Renetti pistol is a perfect choice. Armed with relatively high damage output, it can be a handy tool to strip an opponent of their armour before finishing them off with the fast-firing FFAR 1. You could also give the Diamatti a go, head here for info on setting it up correctly.


  • Frag Grenade (Lethal)
  • Flash Grenade (Tactical)

This combination of grenades may be used on a regular basis but that is because it is just so good!

It’s extremely difficult to avoid a frag that has been cooked to perfection and a well-timed flashbang is enough to confuse even the most experienced of players.


  • EOD (Perk 1)
  • Ghost (Perk 2)
  • Battle Hardened (Perk 3)

EOD is a common choice in the Perk 1 slot thanks to the increased explosive resistance it provides. The additional protection will save you from any incoming grenades.

Ghost will keep your location concealed from any UAVs while Battle Hardened will boost your resistance to any flash and stun grenades that are likely to be used to halt you on the way to the victory chopper.

Is the FFAR 1 Still Good?

The short answer is yes. Thanks to the deadly rate of fire, ease of control, and incredible damage output, it's no surprise to see that the FFAR is up there as one of the strongest weapons to use in the entirety of Warzone. Despite the nerfs, I still think that the FFAR will remain as one of the best weapons in Warzone until the next wave of weapon balancing takes place.

NICKMERCS & JGOD FFAR 1 Warzone Loadout

While our FFAR 1 build is pretty solid, NICKMERCS and JGOD have also unveiled the attachments that they're using to make an impact with the assault rifle. Click the links above to see how they've geared the FFAR 1 for Warzone.

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