Warzone Pacific Season 2 Meta: What Are The Best Guns To Use?

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The Warzone meta constantly evolves thanks to Raven Software and its regular doses of weapon balancing. Despite the issues impacting the battle royale throughout Season 1, players continue to drop into Caldera and Rebirth Island on a regular basis.

With Season 2 officially underway in addition to a wealth of buffs and nerfs to numerous weapons, the existing metagame is already looking different as players begin to experiment with a range of different weapons and attachments to gain the upper hand.

Having spent plenty of time getting to grips with the Warzone arsenal, there are a few guns that could slot into the loadouts of players with the likes of the Bren and Cooper Carbine receiving significant nerfs. With that said, find out the best guns to use in the final days of Warzone Pacific Season 2 alongside the guns that are considered part of the meta.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Meta
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What Is The Warzone Pacific Season 2 Meta?

With Season 2 in its early stages, it's tricky to tell which weapons will feature in the metagame. Thanks to the Season 2 patch notes, we're able to see how weapon performance has changed. Despite its nerf, the Bren LMG is still proving a popular choice alongside Vanguard's PPSh-41 SMG.

Best Warzone Pacific Season 2 Assault Rifle

This particular set of ARs are featuring in plenty of loadouts. The STG 44 has always excelled in mid-range engagements in addition to the BAR. If none of the above are affected by performance changes, the Kilo 141 is an AR that can be trusted as part of a loadout.

Best Warzone Pacific Season 2 SMG

The likelihood of the Welgun receiving a nerf is extremely high, which is where these viable alternatives come into their own. The MP-40 is perhaps the most versatile weapon in all of Warzone despite receiving a nerf while the Owen Gun is often overlooked despite its immense power in close-range scenarios.

Best Warzone Pacific Season 2 LMG

Light machine guns (LMG) have slowly appeared into the Warzone meta as a viable alternative to ARs on Caldera. The Bren dominated during Season 1 and remains a viable option in Season 2 but the other LMGs above are strong alternatives for those looking to excel in mid-range engagements.

Best Warzone Pacific Season 2 Sniper Rifle

Snipers have become increasingly popular over the course of Season 1 alongside the Kar98k Marksman Rifle from Modern Warfare. In addition to the rifle, the snipers above are perfect to succeed in long-distance duels.

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