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The Best Grav Warzone Loadout To Use

After weeks of teasers and speculation, Season 6 of Warzone is now live across all platforms, much to the excitement of the community. The latest season of post-launch content will be the final Warzone season taking place in Verdansk before the battle royale moves to an all-new map set in the Pacific.

As with the start of every season, a wealth of new content has arrived, including a brand-new Battle Pass, the return of Alex Mason, and the arrival of two new weapons into the ever-expanding arsenal. One of the new weapons is the Grav, a fully automatic assault rifle armed with the fastest bullet velocity out of all assault rifles in the game. But what is the best Grav Warzone loadout to use in Verdansk and Rebirth Island? Find out in this guide!

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How To Unlock The Grav

Grav Assault Rifle Warzone
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To get your hands on the Grav, simply reach Tier 15 of the Season 6 Battle Pass. It may take a while to work your way through the Tiers so to get hold of it even faster, invest in some COD Points and spend them on Tier Skips.

Grav Assault Rifle Warzone


The immense bullet velocity makes the Grav one of the more versatile weapons to use in the battle royale but the bullet velocity combined with a high rate of fire means recoil levels are somewhat difficult to manage. Even with the sometimes uncontrollable recoil, the Grav still holds its own in mid-range and long-distance engagements against other assault rifles such as the EM2 and the Krig 6.

Thanks to the huge variety of attachments available to select in the Gunsmith, the recoil can be bought down to more manageable levels, making it much easier to control when engaging with a target from afar. With that said, what are the best Grav attachments to equip?

Grav Warzone Best Attachments

After dropping into Verdansk and Rebirth Island with numerous attachment combinations, we managed to find the best attachments to equip onto the Grav. With a focus on mid-range performance, this combination is sure to catapult the Grav straight into the Season 6 metagame.

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Barrel: 21.3" Task Force
  • Ammunition: 50 Rnd
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x

This particular combination of attachments minimises any recoil that could impact accuracy at longer distances. The Agency Suppressor plays an integral part in recoil management as well as providing a slight increase in damage range, further improving performance. The combination of Field Agent Grip and Task Force Barrel also increases damage output, fully utilising the existing bullet velocity in order to make a deadly impact.

There are a few different options when it comes to selecting ammunition but for this build, the 50 Rnd magazine is ideal to eliminate multiple enemies in quick succession without the need to reload. The RK-7 30 Rnd Conversion is another viable choice but it does affect the overall stability of the Grav which is why the 50-round is the stronger choice.

The choice of optic is always down to personal preference but based on other Warzone assault rifle loadouts, the Axial Arms 3x is the popular choice, providing a crystal-clear of any targets that catch your eye over the course of a match.

Grav Warzone Best Loadout Best Attachments
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Best Grav Warzone Loadout

With the best Grav Warzone attachments selected and ready for battle, focus switches to the rest of the loadout which can be optimised to suit all styles of play.

Secondary Weapon

  • OTs 9

Despite receiving a slight nerf in the Season 6 update, the OTs 9 submachine gun is still holding its own as one of the best Warzone SMGs to be using. Thanks to its incredible mobility and fast time to kill, it's the perfect weapon to use when the Grav may fall short in those close-quarters scenarios. For the best OTs 9 attachments to use, check out our definitive OTs 9 loadout guide.


  • Lethal: Throwing Knife
  • Tactical: Stun Grenade

After many seasons of the Heartbeat Sensor dominating the meta, players are beginning to stray away and utilise different pieces of lethal and tactical equipment to their advantage.

This may seem like an unusual combination of equipment but it is incredibly effective in the right situations. Use the Throwing Knife to quickly send a downed opponent into the Gulag alongside a Stun Grenade to slow the movement of a target, making them incredibly easy to kill with the Grav in hand.


The Warzone Perk meta has undergone plenty of change over the course of Season 5, enabling players to create all kinds of combinations in order to build the best Warzone loadout. After experimenting with a few different combinations, we settled on these three that complement the Grav perfectly:

  • Perk 1: EOD
  • Perk 2: Overkill
  • Perk 3: Combat Scout

Since its addition, Combat Scout has slotted straight into the metagame, with players benefitting greatly from the temporary highlighting of enemies when they've been hit with some accurate shots.

EOD increases your explosive resistance which is ideal when coming under fire from some well-placed grenades. Overkill is an essential Perk to select, enabling you to equip two primary weapons in one loadout, drastically improving levels of versatility. Lastly and by no means least is Combat Scout. While many have deemed it to be overpowered, gaining a slither of intel thanks to the bright orange highlight is the perfect way to plan your next move and how you go about securing the kill with the Grav.

Is The Grav Good In Warzone?

After using it over the course of several matches, I can safely say that the Grav provides a great alternative to the weapons considered to be part of the metagame. The fast rate of fire combined with its ease of control allows you to excel in most mid-range engagements and with a bit of trigger discipline, it certainly packs a punch at long distances.

If you're looking for a new AR to use, I would recommend giving the Grav a go!

There you have it! That's the best way to configure the Grav for action in Warzone. For more Season 6 information, find out how to unlock Alex Mason and how to get your hands on the .410 Ironhide shotgun.