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Warzone Pacific Map: Everything You Need To Know

Warzone is preparing to enter a brand-new era coinciding with the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard. Alongside the latest annual release in the franchise, the battle royale will be getting a brand-new map located in the Pacific alongside the integration of Vanguard's extensive arsenal of weaponry.

The community is already looking forward to dropping into the new map complete with new points of interest, areas to explore, and a vibrant palette of colour that's a stark contrast from the dark and gloomy nature of Verdansk. As the release of the new map continues to move closer, find absolutely everything that you need to know about the Pacific map in our dedicated hub!

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Warzone Pacific Map Release Date

An exact release date for the new map has yet to be revealed by Raven Software but the developer has stated that it will be available to play following Vanguard's launch. Based on that information, it could well be available as part of Season 1 which is rumoured to begin on November 23rd.


Warzone Vehicles Fighter Plane
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With such a change of location and the addition of Vanguard content, the likelihood of new vehicles making an appearance within the Pacific map is extremely high. Rumours have suggested that fighter planes will be available to pilot over the map, giving players the possibility to engage in some high-octane dogfights as the battle rages on the ground.

There is also a chance of an older version of the popular Cargo Truck appearing as one of the ground-based vehicles along with a compact 4x4 truck to navigate through the dense forests.


Points Of Interest

Warzone Pacific Map Points of Interest
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The towering skyscrapers of Verdansk look to be a thing of the past as Warzone heads to the Pacific. Rather than the skyscrapers, it looks as if they've been replaced with other structures that will provide advantageous vantage points overlooking specific areas of the map ideal for snipers to pick off opponents with ease.

It's also likely that smaller buildings will utilise the elements of destruction introduced in Vanguard, meaning that they'll be made of wood and won't be the best places for campers to hide in!

Will Verdansk Disappear?

Just like the original iteration of Verdansk disappeared when Warzone was transported to the 1980s, the chances of Verdansk '84 disappearing from the game are likely, especially when the Pacific map is such a huge change and a chance for the game to start its Vanguard era with a clean slate.